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Pixie is doing very strange things

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My cat is 12 months, he is male and he lived with my friend for 7 months Aged 4months to 11months as we had a baby who is in ICU and we had to move to the city.... we stayed at RMH for 7 months hence why he not with us...

he is not desexed, and he never has sprayed in hte house never...

but when he paw paddles on us he acts all weird and if we move he attacks us... he is very affectionate usually...

what does this mean?
he is settled in, and he is a smoochy boy apart from this very strange behavior. could it be the siamese in him?

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He may need more time settling in with you again. Even though he remembers you, he may be unsure whether you will leave again. Also, for the period that you have been away, his daily routine changed and the routine will be different to what he has been used to.

There is also a new scent around from the baby. The baby is may be getting more attention than he is at the moment which is not your fault. If he is petted and praised around the baby, he should start associating your baby with positive events.

There could also be a territorial issue with the new scent of the baby. He could be lashing out to protect his territory.

If these attacks continue or worsen, you may want to consider desexing him as this can ease aggression.

I'm not too sure by what you mean by paddles and I can't help there.
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Sounds like he may need some play time with interactive toys. Get a couple of the wands with feathers on the end, and a lazer pointer for him to chase and attack. This will give him an outlet for his aggression. Please get him fixed. He will live a healther life that way.
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I dont think it my babies scent as my baby has never come home from hospital yet (he is 8 months old) :-(

I mean paw paddling as in he presses his paws on our laps like he is marching... and his eyes go frnny and if we moved are arms etc he jumps on them and gets them in a hold and growls at us and bites us.. my friend think he is mating with us.. as he quivers and shakes aswell when he does ths- almost like we are disturbing him.... it disturbing us!
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You can stop that behavior by getting him neutered. Getting him neutered will mean a longer life for him, and a more peaceful one for you. It will take about a month after the surgery for him to calm down- but please consider getting him fixed!
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Once he is neutered his behavior will calm down considerably. Please have him desexed as soon as you can.

My thoughts are with you for your baby. I hope the child can come home soon. I can't imagine how hard that must be for you having your baby in the hospital for so long.
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I'm so sorry! My mistake. I do hope your baby gets better soon.

Now about your cat. It sounds like he's getting over stimulated from being petted. He kneads, (paddles), as he's enjoying the attention but some cats get attention overload and that look in his eyes is a sign of it. You can either stop what you are doing and your cat will either get out of your lap and do a mad dash or 'attack'. My two will do either one depending on their body language, (swishing or twitching tail, tense). I usually have a soft toy of some description nearby when I pet either cat that I place in front of their faces when they get the 'look'.

If by chance you are bitten or scratched, simply put your cat down and walk away ignoring him. This will indicate to him that he did something wrong. And if he chases you and pounces on you, (he shouldn't), then you may want to consult a animal, preferably cat, behaviourist for advice.

Also, desexing can help with aggression problems such as biting and 'attacking'. It won't completely solve them but it can make things easier when you discourage your cat from such behaviour.
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