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Pregnant Cat-First Time mom!! Any Advice would be great!!!

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Hello All,
I am new to the site but I have a cat named CeCe and I am pretty sure she is pregnant. Her little teats are not soo little anymore but I am not sure when she will have her babies..She is eating well moving fine but any pointers or tips from those who have experience on how to prepare thiings for her would be great!!
I also own the father who is going to get Neutered on Thrusday of this week and i was wondering if I should keep him away from her??

Thanks In Advance
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Yes, keep him away from her. Why? Because recently neutered males can still get a female pregnant up to about 2 months after being neutered. She can still get pregnant when nursing the kittens.

And you do not want him to breed her when she is pregnant as it will cause her to release more eggs which will be premature kittens if they "take".

One of the best tips I've had was to line the kittening box with newspaper in a pillow case. And have a towel in the pillowcase for after all kittens are born. The pillowcase will prevent tiny nails from getting caught in towels or blankets.

You want to start feeding her kitten food about 2 weeks before due. You might want a vet to check her out and give you an estimated date of delivery. Cats are pregnant for about 9 weeks and will start to show at about 5 or 6 weeks.
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Tips: Well, you could feed her a little more then usual and lotsa pampering and spoiling will make her more comfy and cozy in her state! Raising kittens are a joy! It's one of the most satisfying and most wonderful things a human being can do for their fuzzy friends!
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Do you know when she got pregnant? If you don't the nipples pinkening shoud have been around week three out of nine. Have you noticed her growing at all? Depending on how many kittens, that should be around week 5
If you have any pics, that could give us a better guess.
Good luck!
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Thanks All,
I also have two large biggest fear is that they are gonna hurt her or the kittens when they come. They don;t seem to be bothering her too much but it still makes me nervous..
Should I maybe take her and put her in a room of her own that way none of the other animals can bother her?
She has become very afecctionate with me, cuddling in bed under the covers with me and just all around lovey!!!
I am a very nervous mom for all of my pets and she is the only one that has ever had a litter and I dont want anything to happen.
Thanks again for the advice adn if you have more I need

P.s I have pics of her but not sure how to get them on here.
I know the first time she went into heat and the second but only noticed her pickening about two days ago and Yes she is getting
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For pics try or
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If you set up a quiet room for her where the rest will not bother her and the kittens, she will not have the tendency to hide or move the kittens.
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I was trying to get some pics up but when I click on the Insert Image button there is nowhere for me to put in the address..Do i have to be a memeber for a certian amount for time??
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I think that might be the problem - you have to have a certain number of posts or something like that (I've forgottten).
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Thanks GoldenKitty!!

So I have found a potential spot where CeCe may have heer kittens and it is NOT good. Her or the Male cat Captin have tore a hole into the box spring of my bed..they seem to be hiding in there from the dogs or when wwe have ppl at the house. So looks like I have a job on my hands tomorrow..

Also I have been watching CeCe's belly and i see no kitty movement yet. I am thinking she may be in the the 5-6 week of her pregnancy should I see movement now or not till a little later on?
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Here are few other tips
-have KMR, bottles, and syringes ready in case the mother is unable to nurse
-if you are feeling any movement inside of her it could be sign that she is close to delivering
-another sign of labor is constaning, pacing, panting and heavy breathing
-try to confine her to one area so she could give birth
-keep latex gloves with you in case you have to handle any of the kittens after their birth
-if you start handeling them soon after the birth also make sure you do it while CeCe watches you and as your holding/handling a kitten pet CeCe at the same time to build trust and to assure that you mean no harm and are assissting in raising and caring for her babies
-also keep a scale to monitor the kittens' weight
-you can starting litter training the kittens at 3-4 weeks of age
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Aww, she's soo cute!
Can you feel them moving yet? She doesn't look like she's quite going to explode yet, but who knowsthey're so unpredictable! Movement is in the last 1-2 weeks out of the nine. My guess(though I could be waaaay off) is about 6-7 weeks along.
Good luck with her!
If you want, you can look at this site- it has alot of info on cat pregnancy
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Thanks CuteKittenKat,
She is a momma's girl forsure!!
I can't see or feel the babies moving yet and she is not too fond of you laying your hand on her belly..she does mind you lightly petting her but not to hold it So I just let her do her thing. She is becoming very affectionate to me, today i was not feeling well and went for a little snooze and she came in with me and crawled under the covers and went to sleep just purring away..
I was looking at the calender and I know the first time she went into heat was around Mid-End of January and I thought she was then but she went in to heat again and I think that was when it happened..but Iam not sure exactly when she went into heat the second time. So with my estimates I think she is about 6 weeks also. She seems to be doing fine, but the Male we have is certainly driving her crazy, he is following her everywhere she goes.
Tomorrow I am goig to go by a large dog cage so she can start gettingused to it, becasue we have two large dogs I feel like as we get closer to the kittens arrival she would be better off in there.
Does that make sense??
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Sounds good!
Just make sure you put the cage in a private spot, and don't go near it too often(you want them to think it's secret, or their instincts will tell them "it's the wrong spot". When you think she's close to having them(last week or so), isolate her to the room with the crate.
Other than that, I can't tell you too much more, unless you have any questions
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Female cats are affectionate when they are pregnant and if she is a first time then she will have 2 to 4 kittensĀ :catguy:

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FYI, this thread is from 2009.
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