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When is she due?

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I have a preggo. cat. I know the gestation period is 9 weeks. I don't know how long she has been preggo. though. She is pretty big. Not as big as pics. I have seen of other cats. Maybe she's not having that many kittens? Well, anyway... I was petting "Big Mama" (nickname given to Nina from 4 yr. old ) and I saw the kitten(s) move. I then felt her belly and felt the kittens move a little. Does this mean that Nina can be due soon? I sorta know what I need to do. I have been reading up on preggo. cats. But, not entirely sure. Once you can start seeing the kittens move around, how long does it usually take for a cat to have the kittens? I am anxious, I want to see what they look like!
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It seems that for a lot of cats you can feel the kittens moving about 2 weeks before they're due. Don't know how accurate that is, just what I've read on this site.

Tell us more about your kitty, and we want to see when the babies arrive.
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Usually its the last 2-3 weeks of pregnancy you can "see" or feel the kittens. That's when I start feeding quality kitten food to mom.

Sometimes it can take a few hrs to deliver all, sometimes almost all day. Just be sure mom is confined the last 2 weeks of pregnancy in a quiet room with the kittening box so she doesn't have them where you cannot get to them.
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Yes, she should have them in the next week of two if you can feel them moving. Since you've been reading, you probably know the signs to look for(though some cats show none)
Good luck with her! Do you have any pictures?
Keep us updated on how she is!
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