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Timid yet not timid???

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We have a cat who is about 9 months old.

When we got him he was very timid (he was 11 weeks). He is desexed as he was done a few days before we got him. When we went to choose him from the litter he was screaming to get away (his siblings were just as timid too). We have obvously had him since he was young. His behavour now is, every morning when i wake up he runs out of the bedroom and follows me to the toilet. He rubs against my legs while i go and pee.

He will be all snuggly (he is not a lap cat btw) but rub himself against us and then during the day he will run past us and won't let us touch him. He becomes all snuggly again late at night.

When we got him we couldn't touch him and he used to poop on the floor if he got scared in anyway, he has grown out of that which is great. He has a sister and they love each other very much. They play eat, poop together and very much rely on each others company but she is very much a lap cat. Of late he has been coming into the computer room with us at night, laying on the lounge, lets us pat him and so on and each morning (this is only new) he will jump on our bed (which is something he never did) and he will watch me get dressed for work each morning.

That is his way of doing things and we just think it is great that he's coming out of his shell, although we are just wondering would anyone have any ideas as to why he is loving morning and night yet during the day doesn't want a barr of us? it's just strange !!

BTW this afternoon my fiancee and i decided to lie down and sleep for a while and i grabbed him and put him on the bed where my legs usually are, and he stayed there the whole time we couldn't believe it, it was very nice to have him enjoy family time with us..
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It sounds like he's been taking his time in getting to know you and your fiance. Just continue to take it slowly as you have been.
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This is just a pic of our rather large 9 month old baby boy...

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What he is doing is totally accepting you. Because cats are scent driven, he feels the need every morning to mark you with his scent (this is why he rubs against you) he is putting his scent on you. He does this again in the evening to reassure himself that you are still his. Other than that he is fine with his life and just is being a cat. Let him keep on with this behavior without seeking him out to pet him and touch him, and he will gradually want to be near you the rest of the day. It just takes time-
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This is his little sister... just a month younger then him yet much smaller..
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My timid cat is the exact same way. He has lived with me for almost 10 years, but still lets me pet him only in the morning and at night. Also, we have to be in certain places in the house in order for him to let me pet him. When I do pet him he rolls and squirms on the floor in sheer extacy and his purr is loud enough to shake the windows. So, he clearly loves being petted, but only on his terms!
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WoW that is so much like our little man. Although he isn't fussy where we do it, but when we do pat him he rolls of the floor and purrs his little heart out..
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Your kittens are adorable! (Just had to say that. )
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