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Hi I am Evilpixiecat's Mummy

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Hi Everyone!

I am Jess, Mum to evilpixiecat- he is my part siamese part something cat! he is an undesexed male and he is a naughty boy-although very funny!
He is very very vocal and somtimes never can be quite...

He loves to be naughty he open doors... he also makes a very strange noise before he is about to do something naughty, ie: Jump on the bench or steal food.... so we also know when ihe is about to do no good!
But i love him...

He is my piccy boy!
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LOL! One of my friend's cats does the same thing....open cabinets and drawers. It is a riot to watch him do it. Every day when he comes home from work, all the cabinets in the house within reach are standing open.

Welcome to TCS.
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Hi deb nice to meet you!

Yes pixie has a few tricks... we had to actually put a bolt on hte laundry door to keep him out of the house at night as he opens high door handles and goes in my daughters room at night and jumps and bites her in the Dark plus he runs around all nite... (we have floor boards) and it very annoying.

but the throwing his body up against the door issue it very annoying.

your cat looks cute!!
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Welcome to the site! Your cat sounds like a real character. Hope you enjoy your time here!
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Hi Jess, and welcome!!

Tania (Kumbulu) is from Australia as well -- and she is a total sweetheart!

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Welcome to the site! You'll love it here!
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Evil Pixie Cat is much too cute to be considered evil! Welcome to the board!
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Evil Pixie Cat huh? Sounds like your cat is a real physco. Kind of like my Sammycat I haven't been able to post pictures yet though I am still trying. Anywho Welcome to the boards I am sure you are going to love it here.

I am new myself and have nothing but good to say about this site.
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Welcome to the Boards!! It's totally addictive! Pixie is gorgeous!
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This Site is really quite and very useful! Hope you will find lots of friends here!
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Welcome and be sure to post pictures!
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Welcome! Pixie sounds so darn lovable! Got some pictures? I've only been around the boards a short time myself but we seem to all love pictures around here.

I now have a cream persian named Peaches that I rescued from the humane society. But before Peaches, I had (actually it was daughter, Rachels cat) a long haired, orange striped cat named "Kitty" and he opened doors too! Kitty was very noisy. He meowed very VERY loud But we also loved him anyway.

My daughter kept putting off getting Kitty neutered and when he reached adulthood he would meow especially loud to get outside and cat around. He drove us SO crazy we started letting him out. And sometimes he would sneak out. Anyway, to make a long story kind of short, we had some neighbors that didn't like us (My husband is American/Iraqi/Arab)and it was just after 9/11/2001. One day kitty snuck out and came back all covered in some pesticide or liquid fertilizer someone had sprayed him with. He was making this terrible sound like he was in big trouble. Right away I put him in the bathtub and rinsed him off as best I could & bathed him. I even took the removable shower head down and sprayed him all over. Including his face (after I wiped it as best I could). I had no choice.... I had to get that chemical off as soon as I could. Kitty was vomitting and making that terrible noise. Kitty hated baths but this time he didn't put up a fight at all. After the bath I gave him water and called the vet. I didn't have to take him in. The Vet told me I did everything they would do at this point and as long as Kitty wasn't still vomitting and was alert he'd be fine. And he was! But some time later (maybe 8 months) Kitty snuck out again and this time he never came home. We tried to find Kitty but he just seemed to vanish in thin air.

Anyway, sorry to get off the track and go on about this story. It probably belongs in another forum but I thought about it when you mentioned Pixie opens doors.

Everyone will be glad to hear that Peaches is STRICTLY an indoor cat. She had already been spayed and declawed <(not my choice) before I rescued her.

Tammie & Peaches

PS: OPPS... I just saw the link to pixie cats pictures. I'm going now!
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your cat sounds like a very intelligent boy!

Welcome here!!!
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Hi!! Welcome to the boards!
Have a great time and hope to get to know ya better!
Be sure and do post pictures Id Love to see em!
Greetings Simba Mom :pinky::pinky::pinky:
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