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Daily Thread March 31st

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Morning All!!!

Looks like Trouts Mom is M.I.A. this morning so I will get the daily started.

Sunny but quite chilly however it is suppose to warm up the next few days.

Heading off to do some errands shortly, kitty supplies, a few groceries and a trip to the library.

Afterwards I am coming home and finishing up the laundry and maybe make a pot of some kind of soup for dinner..It depends on what I find on sale at the grocery store.

Tons of robins in the yard this morning so that is nice to see.

The kitties have just finished some morning treats and are settling down for naps.

Everyone have a great day
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Good morning

Just about to pop my water samples on the hot blocks to digest, then taking a break, probably eating my leftover pizza from yesterday for lunch. (Tomorrow work is treating my group to free lunch at Ryan's! )

Its going to be about 75ºF here today. Yay! I love spring here, I just hate summer & winter Unfortunately spring only ever lasts a few weeks before summer weather comes in!

This morning Nero & Hoshi were playing footsies - progress They also spent the night zooming around the house like the nutjobs they are, keeping Rob & I up all night!

I'll be leaving work around 3:30-4pm, then paying for our tax services, going to the bank, relaxing before pole practice at 6:30 (if there's TIME to relax!), and then picking Rob up before cooking dinner. Whew.
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Since it will be beautiful here today, sunny and mild I will be going to lunch with my sister. Other than that I really don't know. Enjoy the last day of March everyone.
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Good morning to everyone!....
Is the last day of March, as accountand, I have a lot of work... it seems this day it would be so long, long, long...
but I will get time to be here!...... nothing exciting for today, just work & work!...
have a nicely day today to everyone!...
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My neighbor had to stay in the hospital overnight so I took a little time to play with her kitties, clean their litter box, and feed them before I came into work. I'll be going to the gym after lunch and then staying late tonight to do some work in the lab. Nothing exciting tonight - maybe a little reading with a kitty or two on my lap.
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Good morning. Time to start thinking of April Fool's jokes for tomorrow.. except all I ever come up with is telling people their shoelace is untied, and they always look, even if they have no shoelaces. Yeah, I'll probably just stick with that.

My bosses are in Las Vegas til Friday for a project so I'm the only one in the office the next few days..... it's always quiet when they're gone. for me. I would like to do a search for a nice veggie recipe kind of on the lighter side to make for dinner today or tomorrow. It's been a while since i made dinner for my BF and I, we usually just fend for ourselves and make our own thing. I don't know what it is about sitting down and having a meal together, but it feels good. And hopefully tastes good too!

Also have to go cat food shopping after work to get some cans.. Genever doesn't seem to like much canned food so i keep trying different kinds. The ones she seemed most interested in were Wellness chicken and turkey flavors and Friskies chicken. I'll probably just get some more Wellness, but not too many in case she stops liking it all of a sudden. Maybe I'll pick up a dog Kong toy too for her to hopefully chew on.
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Didn't do too much today, it was the painters last day working on our house. Went to the grocery store and to BLOCKBUSTER and bought a DVD of MARLEY&ME which came out today.
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Hello peeps! Late is better than never right?

TCS was broken for me this morning..I was trying to get in!

Anyhoo, just got home from the gym and a long day at work..Off to eat some toast in a bit and then relax with the furbutt.
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I was busy doing other computer stuff and yakking to my sister this morning before work.

Very busy day at work despite the blustery and rainy day. People must have wanted bread!!

Anyhow watched AI, bonded with "Buddy" in the garage for a bit and now here.

I wish spring would come as our temps are continuing to stay below normal for the next week grrr......
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