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Fleetwood Mac.............TONIGHT

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I am sooooooooooo excited. We have very good, very expensive floor tickets to see Fleetwood Mac live in Nashville tonight!! I haven't been to a concert in years and years but I've always wanted to see this band live. All original members are back, except Christine McVie. I'm proud that my generation is still rocking after all of these years. All of and me......are 50+. Advice from my 22-year-old daughter. "Stay out of the Mosh Pit, Mom."

Fleetwood Mac are touring most of the spring and half the summer. Are any of the rest of you planning to catch them on this tour? Has anyone else purchased the "Say You Will" album? What music do you other over 50's listen to?
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I don't know who Fleetwood Mac and I have a feeling I should.

But I do know how it feels to have tickets, (especially good ones), to see a band that you've always wanted to see live. Congratulations and have a fantastic time.

And about the mosh pit. Before you go in, try to recall whether or not you are claustrophobic. If not, be careful of elbows and mosh away. (This coming from a 22 year old.)
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Well, I seriously doubt that Fleetwood Mac will have an actual mosh pit. =) And as far as who they are........Do you have any friends named Rhiannon?? That is probably their signature song and many people my age named their daughters Rhiannon because of Stevie Nick's song. Fleetwood Mac's ground breaking album "Rumors" changed the face of Rock and Roll forever. I'm sure if you heard it, you'd recognize some songs from it.
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There was no mosh pit on their previous reunion tour..... I'll bet you paid dearly for those tickets. I decided not to see them this time around, as I had seen them a couple of years ago, and the ticket prices were $125 apiece this go-around.

Enjoy, though. It was a great show.
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Deb - We figure with gas, tickets and dinner our evening will top $300! Crazy, isn't it? And we really don't have that kind of money to splurge with, but this might be my last chance to see them and I've been a fan for over 30 years. I guess I can rationalize by saying that's only 10 bucks a year. HaHa
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What a GREAT rationale! I'll have to incorporate that one.
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Hey! I'm only 35 and I LOVE Fleetwood Mac. I like Jethro Tull even more, but my husband has to listen to Fleetwood Mac with me in the bedroom all the time!
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I've never heard of them. Anyway, hope you have fun! What a cool evening!
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How was it???
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Yeah, how was it? We want details! I hope you had a BLAST!!!
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Originally posted by AuroraViva
I've never heard of them.
Ouch! That one hurt!
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Thread Starter's the official report!! Thanks for all your good wishes. We DID have a blast!!

Last night was great.! FleetwoodMac played for 2 hours and 45 minutes. They did THREE encores. (They may have done an extra one because they were about 25 minutes late getting started. ) There were no opening acts and no intermissions.

They did all my favorite songs and Mick did a solo moving from his drum set to his African drum and finally using the vest he wears with the drum trips in it.

We noticed that they lowered the key an octave for several of Stevie Nick's songs. Her aging voice (she's 56) is at a different register than the voice she had in the 70's and 80's.

Buckingham really went all out and did a great show. I was afraid he was going to have a cardiac arrest or something but he survived. We missed Christine McVie's vocals and keyboard (the only original member missing from the tour) but it didn't really hurt the show much.

I brought along some foam ear plugs that lowered sound about 30 decibles. I'm really glad I did. The arena wasn't huge and the earplugs took the distortion out of the reverberating sound and actually made it sound much better. Believe it or not, Chuck (husband and former rock drummer in several touring bands) wore them too. He agreed that it improved the quality of sound and they also kept my ears from ringing so I think it was good protection too. (Chuck says his ears are beyond saving.) You can get 6 pairs of foam earplugs at a pharmacy for about $2 and I'm going to take them with me anytime I go to any loud event now. They made a big difference. I would reccommend you concert "purists" try them too.

Our seats were really good ones on the floor. The only thing that marred the evening were the people we were sitting with (strangers). There was a group of 3 couples in front of us and two to the side (we were on the aisle) who went in and out buying $6 beers CONSTANTLY. I mean, I don't think they were EVER there at the same time and the ones next to us made us keep jumping out in the aisle to let them "drink and drain". (They seemed to have little interest in the band and they were sitting in $100 + seats!) They kept coming and going one at a time, instead of going together! (We had aisle seats.) THEN, the worst thing was that about 20 minutes after the band began playing another group of 4 showed up with identical tickets to the people in front of us and there was a 20 minute row (8 people and 4 ushers strong ) about whose seats they were. I guess the second group bought fake tickets on the street and they were finally led away.

The new dowtown Nashville is great. Gaylord Entertainment Center was very nice. We parked in an underground parking lot across the street ($10) and everything was very accessible. We were right downtown where the old "music row" use to be. That street has now been turned into a row of bars, rooftop grills, western saloons and country music shops and mini museums. There are horse drawn carriages and shuttles to get around on and the whole area is surrounded by beautifully designed new skyscrapers. (Although I think the new Bell South building looks "demonic"........haha) The new, huge, Country Music Hall of Fame (built in the shape of a piano) is down there too. Now that we know more about what's there, I think we will go more often. In fact, Heart (Ann and Nancy Wilson.......I imagine you young'uns won't recognize them either. They did "Barracuda" "Crazy On You" "Magic Man" "These Dreams" and many more in the 80's.) is suppose to be in Nashville on June 28 (Chuck's band toured and opened for them in the 90's)and I think we are going to try to get tickets for that. We'll probably go down early, park and hang out for a couple of hours before the show. ( Their ticket prices are a LOT cheaper than the ones we got last night.)

After we got out of the concert we were both starving, since we hadn't eaten since 3 pm and it was about 11. We drove out of Nashville to Clarksville and got a sandwich at Steak and Shake because it was the only thing opened that time of night in good old Clarksville. (If you take the last train IN to Clarksville'll starve....yes this was the Clarksville of Monkee's fame. Fort Campbell Army Base is there.) We got home around 2 am. It will probably take me most of the day to recuperate, but it was a lot of fun.
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Sounds like a great time! I can sympathize about the constant drinkers. That happened at one of the shows I was at recently. I got real tired of leaping up to let them by. I think that it was the most recent Elton John/Billy Joel show. Geez, just go to a bar if you aren't there to watch the show.
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Oh my God! I hope Heart comes here. They're one of my absolute favorites! If you go, please, please, please let me know how it was.

Hey! At least they had a Steak'n'Shake! That's one of the places I miss out here. CA has some good burger joints too that the midwest doesn't have and when I was living out there I missed them. Too bad they can't all be in the same place at the same time.
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Check it out! Heart is going to play in multiple locations in CA (inluding San Diego on July 29 and July 30). Here's a link to their Summer 2003 Tour Schedule. Tickets can be had on line through

Heart Tour 2003
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Wow, live concert?? Wow!! i have not been to a live concert since eternity!! Please enjoy the concert on my behalf!! Very cool!!

i am not over 50, but i really enjoy jazz, reggae, classical, opera, etc. i really like Frank Sinatra also, especially "Fly me to the Moon".

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LOL--They're going to be at Pechanga up north and Viejas here. That's too funny, both of those places are Indian casinos and usually only book golden oldies. God, do I feel old wanting to go to concerts there. Earth, Wind, and Fire is going to be playing Viejas too. My husband wants to go to that so maybe I can convince him about Heart.
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Thanks GurlPower! And TTMom........ Go for it! Heart is worth the trip!!
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Here is a pic of our very own airprincess (Colby) from her trip to Fleetwood Mac. She is the 2nd from the right, and I'll let her post the rest.

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How cool!! I want to hear more.
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Sorry it has taken me so long to respond! Work has been crazy and this is the first chance I've had to post.

The girl standing to my right is my friend Jennee who flew in especially for the show. She's a huge fan of the band.

before the show we met some friends of mine for dinner and drinks at this great little tex-mex place. I had many drinks in a 2 hour span and was feeling NO pain.

the show passed by very quickly (my concept of time was a bit skewed by all the alcohol) and we had great seats, 12 rows back from the stage.

After the show was over, we went to meet my friend who works for the label who was going to take us back, Jennee had to run to the bathroom & we thought we had time. Long story short, she almost missed meeting FM. She came in at the last second. I almost had a heartattack because I was so stressed about her missing getting a photo with them.

they were lovely, the show was great and we all had a good time. It was the most fun I've had in a long time.
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They were "lovely"?!?!?!?! Are you sure you are not still "under the influence"?
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Fleetwood Mac, wow I'm jealous. I can't beleive you got to meet them, supercool! Stevie Nicks is so awesome I have never seen them but have three albums. There was an article about Lindsay Buckingham in People Magazine this week. I'm excited, myself, becuase tonight (Tuesday) I'm leaving here in a little bit to go see Ben Harper and Jack Johnson in Kansas City. If you've never heard of Jack Johnson, he's awesome, I suggest you all should go to his website and take a listen to some of his music. He's great and a hottie (he used to be a pro surfer...SUPER CUTE!
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