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Watery/boogery eyes

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For the past few days, Scratch's eyes have been bothering her. Her eyes sometimes get watery, and she'll keep it kind of closed. It has happened to both eyes, though not at the same time. Every few days she'll get something that kind of looks like a booger on her eye that's clear and goopy. She had also been having brownish crust in the corners of her eyes. However, her eyes have not been pink or swollen and her third eyelid doesn't show.

I'm starting to get quite worried about her. I should have taken her to the vet a few days ago. She's still eating and playing, but I'm worried. Any idea on what this could be?
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Perhaps erythromycin eye ointment might do the trick. It's often used to treat eye infections, we end up using it on kittens a lot when they get eye gunkies and usually works within a few days. good luck!
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My mom called the vet this morning and they said we could put a drop of Polysporin in her eyes. I did so and her eyes seem a bit better..
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It could well be a chronic herpes infection, which is very common. The best long-term treatment is L-Lysine as a food supplement.
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With the changing of the seasons upon us, it could simply be an allergic reaction to the change. Both of my cats get this about this time every year. As long as the discharge is clear you're okay. If it starts turning green or yellow, or kitty starts pawing at the eye and rubbing it raw, then you'll need to see the vet. Also, if your kitty isn't opening the eye or the 3rd eyelid starts to show, that will also warrant a visit to the vet. Using a warm compress and/or rinsing with a plain sterile saline solution like we use (for contact wearers anyway), can also help.

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