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41 pounds overweight cat

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I saw this video of a 41 pound cat and it reminded me of my cat, he is 29 pounds (I adopted him and he was overweight). I've been scheduling his meals (feed him 3 times a day) but he is still not losing weight. Does anyone have any tips? My cat will thank you for it
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First of all, have you consulted with your vet? You don't want your cat to lose weight too quickly, but a gradual loss is good. What are you feeding and how much exercise does your cat get? If you cut the carbs (dry) and go to strictly or mostly strictly wet, that will help tremendously. Put the food up on a chair or surface where the kitty has to walk to get to it, up stairs on the counter with stairs or something like that. As in humans, the key to weight loss is diet and exercise.
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Definitely talk to your vet to find out what an ideal weight would be for your cat, and have a full physical before you attempt to put him on a diet. Some cats are larger than others and although an average weight in an adult male is 10-12 pounds, my friends cat is at the vet's ideal of 22.5 pounds.

Diet and exercise is what is usually comes down to, but rule out any health issue that might be contributing to his excess weight.
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Hi and welcome to TCS!
Cats are naturally limber, active, playful creatures. Being overweight effects them physically for several health reasons as well as inhibits activity and mental effects like depression, OCD, anxiety......
My first thought is have you been consulting a veterinarian? How long have you had him, how old is he? It also depends on his breed and build as to what his weight should be. Have you taken him to a vet since you adopted him? It is best to work with a veterinarian when it comes to such a serious weight problem. It could even be caused by another health problem.
30 pounds is excessive for a house cat, and I praise you for your concern.
Also what are you feeding him, how much each feeding?
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IMO vets are not the one to talk to about weight loss as many sorely lack in thei information about nutrition. That is where the poblem lies, not in the amount being fed.
I am unde the assumption that you are feeding high carb dry foods, hence the problem.
Feed a species appropriate food and the problem should start to resolve itself. I free feed grain free canned food and some human food like chicken and don't have these problems. They get as much to eat as they want.
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Best of luck
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