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Pregnant cat--moving it

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I work with teens in a pretty bad neighborhood of our city. She feeds a stray cat in her yard and its pregnant. I'd like to take care of this cat and its kittens by bringing it to my house--but I wouldn't be able to bring it inside. If I brought it here and gave it a warm place outside, food and water would it stay and give birth here?

She says its friendly but the babies could come any day. I guess I could try and get a big dog cage on craigslist and keep it on the front porch.

Kids in her neighborhood will hurt the kittens.

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Do you have a garage or enclosed patio? Food, water, litter box, and a nice nesting box will help, but she may still run off if you take her to a strange place without being able to contain her.

I don't know your situation, but is there any way you could take her inside temporarily, until she has her babies?
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I can't bring her inside--Hubby says no more cats not even to let her have the babies and we really have no where to put her--I can't risk my cats either.

No garage no enclosed patio

There is a big dog cage for sale on craigslist for $20, I could keep her in it outside on the porch and let her have the babies?

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near you? I have two in my area. Call a few vets and the SPCA. They would know of any facilities. If you bring her home and don't confine her, she will just run off. If you use a dog crate, make sure you use some kind of bumper system around the sides to prevent the babes from falling out. They really get around after a few days. Good luck to you.
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Hmmm, if she seems close to having them you could keep her in a cage, depending on how big it is. As said, another choice would be a shelter, or if you know annyone willing to foster the mother for you, that would be good. If you just have a crate, it's unlikly that she would have them there, as they like to hide their kittens from people.
Good luck! Try to get her somewhere, as if she has her kittens out in the wild, they will be feral, and the kittens would get pregnant quick too.
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You can get on, on the left put in your zip code and a list of rescues will show up with animals they have for adoption. Contact them and explain the situation and they can hopefully find a foster home for her to be inside and safe with the kittens.

I would get them to your house right now, for sure, but I would let them find a foster home, where they can be inside and totally safe.
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Well my sister has a big dog crate I can borrow so I'm going to try and at least get momma here tomorrow hopefully.

Our shelter is overloaded and won't take any pregnant mommas. I'm gonna do the best I can. I'm gonna need lots of advice as i've never dealt with kittens.

Momma isn't feral at all, very friendly so hopefully she continues and knows I'm helping.

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How big is you dog crate? If it's big enough, you could lock her in it(as horrible as it sounds, it's for her and the kittens own good).
What colour is she? If you have any pictures, we'd love to see them.
If you have her lay down, gently put your hand on her stomach, and see if you can feel them moving around- that would mean she's in her last two weeks. Also, when you feed her, give her kitten food for the extra calories.
Good Luck!
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