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Hmmmm is she a kitten or a little kitty?

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Hubby is going around today and looking for posters of a black missing kitty and adds in the paper because she just seems to perfect. Hopefully he won't find anything. I really think someone dumped her there. I personally think catsite vibes made her

here are three more pics. This is her sitting with my hubby

her she is looking at me over his shoulder

anndddd last one me petting her

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oh and hubby said see "I look like a manly man and I still like cats, so tell your hubby's to stop trying to play macho and give in the purr" he is funny sometimes.
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LOL yes my BF is a manly man and he gave in to the purr a long time ago, he is as much a cat lover as I am.

Val, she has the sweetest face! You can see what a great personality, or should I say PURRsonality she has just in those gorgeous eyes. Best of luck!!!!
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Val, love the pics! She looks like she might still be a kitten, rather than a small cat.
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When is her vet appt? The vet should be able to give you an idea of how old she is. I keep looking at those pics, she is just such a very sweet and pretty girl! I am so glad you finally got your black cat!
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we were going to take her on thrusday but now we are thinking of taking her to the kitty er. She layed still for an hour when we did tick removal. She just seems to laid back for being in a new place. I'm really starting to worry about her. The thrid eyelid thing on her one eye looks like it might be infected and she has ticks around her eyes I can't get off I'm hoping we can wait until monday but unless she starts acting like a kitty soon she is going to the er.
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Oh luck you!! Looks just like my Tiny baby Lic. Lic has blk whiskers though.
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What a precious little thing! Oh I hope she's OK. All those tics can't be pleasant for her. Poor little girl!
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She looks like a little cat rather than a kitten and she's got a very serene face.

LOL--I'll tell my husband what yours said.
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What a pretty girl she is!
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Did you end up taking her to the ER? I hope she is alright!! She is soo cute!
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Any news? She is a sweet looking kitty. My s/o is a big softy when it comes to cats, too. He loves playing with their feet, and he is the one who decided to bring Faile home when she was just a tiny stray baby.
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Aww... What a pretty wittle kitty
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