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Will she ever stop tearing up paper?

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As many of you know, Daisy was a stray that we adopted from animal control. After a few rocky weeks, she decided we weren't so bad and really seems to love it here. Even though she is as fat as a Butterball now, she still likes to dig thru the trash and tear out anything paper that's in there. I don't mind cleaning up after her, so it isn't a big deal. We know she's going to do it, so we don't put anything in there that can hurt her. However, she steals the napkin from beside my plate (actually it's a Bounty paper towel...we're not fancy) and any other paper she can get her hands...er, paws...on. She loves to chew up paper. She isn't that old...even though she's full grown, she is still a kitten in many ways. Do you think she'll grow out of this? I figure she survived by digging thru trash at some point in her life and now maybe she does it by instinct? She doesn't eat it or anything...just rips it to shreds.
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Lol, nope. Once a paper shredder always a paper shredder! Just ask Seti who sticks his paws in my printer to catch the paper before it goes in then chomps it when it comes out. I feel your pain!
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Originally Posted by howtoholdacat View Post
Once a paper shredder always a paper shredder!
Kitten has always been a paper killer. I wouldn't mind it so much if she only tore it up with her paws, but she prefers to rip it to shreds with her teeth and chew it like you said Daisy does also. For awhile I tried redirecting her: setting paper out on purpose and then offering a treat before she got to it. Obviously it didn't work with her , but it did curb Shadow's habit quite a bit.

Guess it just depends on the kitty!
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I agree, once a paper shredder, always a paper shredder! At least Daisy doesn't only chew up important papers, my rainbow girl Demeter was an expert at find the most important piece of paper and then going to town on it
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It's good to know I'm not alone. Speck never gets into anything; I guess I'm due one that's into everything. Whenever things get really quiet, I know Daisy's up to no good. Whether it's knocking Q-Tips down to Speck off the forbidden bathroom cabinet or digging thru the trash while he watches. Speck seems amazed that a cat would do such a thing. Right now Daisy is biting my right hand while I type with my left, but at least I know where she is, lol.
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