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My cat keeps smothering her babies, why??

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My 5yr old cat, Sophy, had her kittens on Tues, Mar 24th. She had 6, 1 died a few minutes after it was born, later that day she laid on one and it smothered to death. She stopped caring for another one and it slowly got weaker and died on Sunday evening then a few hours later she smothered another kitten. She has 2 kittens left and we are constantly watching over them...This is not her first litter and it usually takes a few hours to deliver all her kittens (she usually has between 7-9 kittens) this time it took over 24 hrs to deliver all the kittens. Why would she smother her babies, if we don't keep pulling the two that are left out from under her they would be dead too. Could my cat be sick or getting to old to have kittens, can anybody help me, please.
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Poor thing, she may be worn out, or something is wrong with the kittens. I hope someone has some advice for you. Maybe you should remove the remaining kittens and bottle feed them.
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Aww, poor said, I think your best chance would be bottle feeding now
Good luck
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Sometimes we just don't know why things happen. How many litters has she had? I would say it's definitely time to get her spayed.

Can you get the kittens, and Sophy, to the vet to be checked out? Is she still feeding them at all? You might take them away from her, put them in a box or basket with a covered heating pad turned on low. Only put them back in with her every couple of hours long enough for her to feed them. If that doesn't work, you may be doing bottle feeding for the next few weeks.
for healthy mom and babies.
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Thank you for suggestions...we did go to the vet yesterday and get baby bottles and formula to start feeding the 2 little kitty's and it is going well. They are both moving around more and seem to be getting stronger, and we are taking the mommy cat in to get spayed, she doesn't seem to notice we took the last two kitty's away from her, she doesn't look for them or try and go to them when they cry. So sad, she was always such a good mommy cat, I guess she just isn't able anymore...
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Poor least the babies will be alright now-at two weeks they can usually make it through the night without being fed,so you only have a little while And also its good that they got Momma's milk at first, so now they have their amunities.
Good luck!
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Sometimes, something just doesn't seem "right" about the kittens to the mom, and she won't take care of them.

A larger nest sometimes helps.

Good luck on your bottle feeding!
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