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My cat feels a need to kill Toilet Paper

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Lola is almost a year old and we've had her in as a part of our family since December. The only problem we had with her was she and our other cat, Sassy La Rue, getting to know each other.

But starting last Thursday, we've been coming home to rolls of toilet paper being shredded all over the house. On our bed. And of course in the bathroom.

We've moved the toilet paper into various locations so that's accessible when needed but we believe is not in a place that a cat can get it. But no, Lola is talented. We now have to place the toilet paper in the cabinet above the toilet or on the towel bar.

HELP!! We need advice before we make Charmin the richest company in the nation.
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My parents have found that putting the roll on so that it rolls backwards and then covering the roll with a washcloth will mostly deter their toilet-paper-shredder about 75% of the time.
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Join the club. Many cats, especially when young, love to shred and kill rolls of toilet paper or paper towels. If I don't keep the roll out of Anna's reach, it's done for. I have to admit though, it's cheap entertainment to give her the last of a roll and watch her claw, bite and bunny kick it to death.

I keep my rolls of toilet paper in a small cabinet in the bathroom. It's the only way to keep safe from the Claws of Death.
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Closing the bathroom door works pretty well around here. Even though Friday can open doors he doesn't open that one.
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Sophie just attacks the toilet paper when it's still in the plastic wrapper. She's decided it's a dandy cat scratcher. We've put a regular cat scratcher in the bathroom for her now, though she still gives us the eye when we have a new batch of toilet paper. It seems a shame to have to hide it from her.
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I have to keep ours in a cabinet. Between Gus and our puppy Masie the TP doesn't stand a chance
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My little Mancake does that all the time!! He even would get on the kitchen counter and do it to the paper towels, they usually grow out of it i think, or hope!
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Whoa! All I could see when looking over the threads was "My cat feels a need to kill..." and I thought OH, toilet paper
Maggie is only intrested in the empty roll without the paper. Phew, I'm glad!
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i keep the bathroom door closed.
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Oh Gosh don't get me started, just yesterday I came home with toilet paper all over the house. Jake tears it all up and then chases little tiny pieces around as if they are butterflies or something...It's crazy, but i've learned my lesson, he's not allowed in the bathroom anymore. He has no business there anyway, he likes to drink from the toilet which I think it gross and don't let him and also might steal my toothbrush while he's there and start playing with it. He's done that before too! Oh jeez what has he not done..I've found my contacts case on the floor many many times also. Just everything that's on the counter gets thrown on the floor if Jake goes in the bathroom.
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I get my kitten back by putting the empty roll on his tail so he has to try and get it off. Maybe Charmin can make a toilet paper strong enough to withstand cat's claws but still soft enough for our behinds. How many times have I had to gather up the shreds just to go tothe bathroom?
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Thanks for the great stories and sympathy! It's good to know that this is not odd behaviour.

Sassy, our older cat, she NEVER did this - she does go for the toilet paper in the packaging but only nibbles. So, it's never destructive.

Lola, on the other hand, she's a whole different ball of yarn.

Unfortunately, we're apartment dwellers and the bathroom is the only place to put their litter box and the way the bathroom space is designed, there isn't a way to put the toilet paper out of site of the cats and still have it available quickly when needed.

But, my husband came up with a solution. He balanced a can of coins on top of the roll. So, if Lola tried to get the roll of paper, the can would fall and make a ton of noise. She didn't like that AT all and so far, the toilet paper has been safe.
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My cats don't bother the toilet paper but those paper towels well that is another story. I can't have one out on the counter or it is history.
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