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I am one of you now.

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I've got my kitty pictures in my sig. I have assimilated
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Resistance is futile, you know.....
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awwwww how cute!!!
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We tried to warn you!!! Now you can't leave!
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I love your name Foofy Cat Lady!
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It's so fun when you get it worked out, isn't it?

Love your babies!
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All I see is a red "X". Is it my comp or is anyone else seeing it, too?
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Oh, NVM, I reloaded the page and it works. I love your babies! They are so beautiful!
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Your cats are so sweet looking. And Deb is right, resistance is futile, and our cats know it.
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Awwww they are all precious.
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I can't see the picture...
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OK, now I can..just had to refresh..Cute kitties!!!!
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They are so clear, I can definitely see their purr-sonalities oozing through.
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