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Rocko and ReeRee

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This is my all time favorite of Rocko...he has but one look he gives and this is the one. Mother, may I have some more??
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Although the look on Rocko's face as ReeRee is making himself comfortable is priceless. They will sleep near each other but never touching. All of a sudden ReeRee forgot the rules and laid a leg up on Rocko. Rocko's eyes flew open and he turned to look at me. It was so funny. ReeRee never woke up.

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They are both very cute!! and I love the pic! lol
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What pretty kits! I'm so glad she forgot the 'no touching' rule.. made for a great picture! Are they all from the same litter?
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Those are great pictures! Rocko is handsome, and it cracks me up when he looks exasperated in the second photo. ReeRee is pretty dang cute, too.
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OMG Tuxies!! Beautiful kitties!
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What gorgeous kitties! I love the picture of Rocko and ReeRee together
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The second pic is really doesn't do them justice. They are not from the same litter....i love tuxes! I laugh every single day...they are always up to something! Even while trying to sleep!!
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Adorable pics
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