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Just another "Awww" moment

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Cats can be so full of trouble that I often get asked by mine mean so much to me. When I'm asked this, I tell them that it's the "Awww moments" as well as a few other things.....
Well Last night Spirit gave me another one of these. I was laying in bed with my arms around my stuffed cat (yes I still sleep with stuff animals from time to time) when she came up and licked my nose three times. I moved my stuffed animal aside, thinking she wanted to play with it (it is her boxing friend from time to time), but instead she curled up in the space where it had been in my arms. She then purred and laid her head on my chest. I went to sleep with my head resting against her, her purring falling me to dreamland.....awww....

Does anyone else have "Aww Moments"?
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Awww...that was sweet.

I had an aww moment the other day. ReeRee is my boy that has a hard time controlling his movement and balance. He loves to be held and rocked. I think it must feel good to let go and just relax. He was on the table after looking at some birds, i was sitting down on the chair right next to him. I got up from the table. He meowed VERY loudly (he can get quite bossy), i went back over to the table to see what he wanted and he JUMPED into my arms for a cuddle. I had to literally catch him or he would have ended up falling to the floor (he doesn't fall very well and can hurt himself) He was purring and nuzzling into my neck....what a cutie...i melted.
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Awww that's so sweet.

Honestly, Bijou is so lovey dovey we have aww moments pretty much every day. When he is laying between me and the computer (on the table - I know I'm bad), if I don't speak to him enough, he raises his head and pushes against my chin until I kiss him on the head or neck then he lays his head on my arm and sleeps until he needs a little more lovin'.
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