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How to tell!!

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op :

So I think momma cats water broke today, but how can I be sure.

At about 8 this morning I woke up and noticed a pink watery discharge, that she was leaving in little drops and puddles on the floor. There was also some in her nest. It has been almost 4 hours from then and there are no signs of labor other than her constantly licking herself......

Was that her water? Should there be more?

Or am I just being impatient??


Pictures of babies below!
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Sounds like her water broke, but I can't tell you how long it will be before she starts having babies. Somebody with more experience should be able to give you an idea. Goldy left little drips around the house for two or three days, but I think at least part of it was urine. You know, babies pressing on her bladder so she can't hold it.
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Seven hours....... no babies....................
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I would call the vet to see what they say. My Keller's water broke and she started having contractions an hour or two later. She didn't deliver any kittens and ended up with a c-section. It's better to be safe than sorry. Good luck and keep us posted!
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Hmmm, if she hasn't had them yet, I'd call your vet...
Good luck! Keep us updated on how she is!
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First baby born at 6:09!!!!!

Boy (i am fairly certain), all black with white patch on chest, just like his momma!!!!!

More babies to come!

And LOTS of pics!!!!!!
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Congrats! Keep those babies comin!
Come on Momma!
Good luck!
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Post pictures as soon as momma cat will let you take some. What is your kitty's name?
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LOL her name is Momma!

She was my fiances cat and she had a litter when he found her, and he never got her spayed

BUT as SOON as she is weaned she is GETTING SPAYED!!!!

He never named her so I called her Momma and that is what she answers to!!!!

I have already snapped a couple pics..... will post soon!
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Momma the day before:

Playing the waiting game:

Baby number 1!!!!

And my fiancee directing #1 to mommas nipple, she was purring so so loud. She LOVES my fiancee, and LOVES being a momma!!!

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How cute! Any more babies yet?
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Nope... just the one so far. She is not stressing. Actually she is purring her head off and cuddling with the newborn.....

Maybe the others are from another dad?????
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Aww, congrats! Do you think there are any more kittens? If you think so, you can take her to the vet, and he will tell you if there's more first of all, and if she still has more he'll give her a dose of stuff to put her back into labor.
But she could have just had's not unheard of...
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