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The info given about disassembling a vehicle is, as far as I can determine from this site -- Utah Vehicle Registration -- incorrect. And only 4 counties (the most populous ones) have emissions testing at all.
Trust me, two years ago when I went to register my truck as a new resident, they wanted it disassembled and thoroughly inspected prior to emissions testing.
When I read the fine print on the paperwork it noted that the process (my being without my truck) could take as long as 6 weeks and that they would make 'every effort' to get it back in the same working order it was in when they received it.
There was no guarantee and this was all at my expense.
I refused their waiver, attained student status and kept my Washington plate and registration.

I have no issue with any of it except for their lack of a guarantee of it's condition when returned and the amount of time I would be without a vehicle.
This was Utah county by the way.

This whole thing I was told was only for 4wd cars/trucks bought out of state.
Personally I think it's a load and just a way of making revenue and has no real bearing on the emissions testing, and if it were a safety issue, then it should apply to all out of state vehicles.