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Whats the worst thing your cat has ever spilled?

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This morning DW is mad.

Very mad.

Persi has spilled her nail polish all over the floor. Persi spills lots of things. He likes spilling things but this is the worst thing he has ever spilled. The smell drove me from the third floor to the first floor. I offered to clean it up but DW said she would take care of it. Alley never spills anything. She never gets on anything to spill anything.

So what's the worst thing one of your cats has ever spilled? (Spilled, not broken.)
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My boy Hobbs loves to tip over his water bowl. He lays next to it, reaches up, and pulls it over, sometimes on him
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I assume you mean non-bodily functions as well? I just spent a whole day cleaning up vomit from Frankie's bad reaction to too much Amoxacillian. I can't think of anything particularly bad aside from pop on carpet. I can only imagine how bad that nail polish spill was... I've spilled some myself on wood and it ruins everything!
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In college my cat Minga spilled a glass of water from my nightstand DIRECTLY onto my head while I was sleeping. Every other spill since then seems minor compared to waking up thinking the cat peed on your head!!
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Does attempting to spill count?

Henenssy once tried to down a flower vase, filled with flowers and water, which was on top of the television set! (Bad meowmy, I know, but I CAUGHT it....)
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Sophie also dumps her water all over the place. I have a cat fountain for everyone except her she refuses to drink out of it so she has her own princess bowl that sits on a non skid mat. It was supposed to be there so she couldn't slide the bowl to spill it. She grabs the mat and pulls it so she can dump the water

Other than that I spend a lot of time cleaning up plant dirt off the carpet that gets spilled when they decide the hanging plants make a good trapeze.

Yesterday I had picked all of the dishes up off the kitchen floor and put them on my island so I could mop the kitchen floor. About 10 mins after I mopped I was in my bedroom polishing furniture and I hear crash and the sound of dry cat food and water hitting the floor. I run in the kitchen and there is Sophie sliding the other dry food dish off the island with her paw. She ever so innocently looks at me as she gives the dish a final shove like Oppsie did I just do that?
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The first (and only) thing Ferya spilled was a huge vase of Sedum. It's just pruned it back from the garden and had so much of it I'd plunked it into a huge vase. It was about 18" diameter, so a really big bunch of flowers, and of course full of water. She knocked it onto the dining room floor and SPLASH! The whole floor was soaked. Fortunately it scared her badly enough tat she generally stays away from anything that sloshes now.
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one of my cats, Perseus I believe, since he is the one that is always sticking his nose where it does not belong once spilled a large to-go cup of coffee all over my coffee (how appropriate ) table and soaked a bunch of magazines, papers, etc, and then of course it ran down onto the carpet
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How about non-liquid spills? (mine are forever turning over hub's milk glass, lol!) The other night I heard a CRASH from the living room, went in and someone had turned over a four shelf high, metal rack that was slap, totally full of DVD and VCR tapes.......broke the dratted thing too, lol!
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When Kitten was still a kitten someone had fallen asleep after leaving an entire bucket of ice cream out on the table to soften (with the lid off). The next morning I stroll out to the dining room and find a HUGE lake of vanilla with a VERY white Kitten in the middle of it, sopping wet in ice cream & licking her chops. The little daredevil must've jumped high enough to grab it, but not enough to keep from bringing it down with her!

She still goes absolutely bonkers over vanilla ice cream, her most favorite thing in the world!
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well, either nail polish [actually broke a bottle, too] or else the ashtray.
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My cats don't often spill liquids, usually just pop or something. However they do knock over and knock down a lot of things! We have a mug where we keep the keys in the house, and the kittens often knock that off the sideboard.
Recently I had cleared off the dining room table and we had a glass vase in the center. The vase was there before but we had other things on the table too which blocked it from the edge... Well, with the table cleared off there was nothing in between the vase and the edge, and one (or more) of the kittens leapt up there playing, knocked the vase off the table and broke it!
I was more upset about the possibility of them stepping on the glass than anything... Anyway we have at least one other matching vase like this because a family member gave them out to everyone in the family for Christmas one year.

Roxy likes to push things off of high places. She's a cat that loves to use her paws for anything, I don't know if it is a Maine Coon thing or a polydactyl thing or what, but if there is something on the edge of a table or ledge (especially toys) she will reach out a paw and knock it down. She also likes to stick her paw in the cat fountain, which means the filter needs to be cleaned often because the long fluff on the bottom of her feet clogs the filter!

Today I heard a CRASH...tinkle...tinkle...from another room. I was sure one (or more) of the kittens knocked something down somewhere in the house, but when I looked around the house I couldn't find anything on the floor or knocked over! I still don't know what they did.
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Originally Posted by MiaMaria View Post
In college my cat Minga spilled a glass of water from my nightstand DIRECTLY onto my head while I was sleeping.
Yup, my OTB Bogart did the same to me except it was ice water.

And if we can include dogs in here. My greyhound Doug spilled a pilsner full of fine Guiness beer one day. By the time I got up to walk to the other room to grab a towel, he had sucked the entire glass of beer from the carpet. He really liked beer. He peed a lot that day.
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Oh pretty much everything.
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Originally Posted by Momofmany View Post
Yup, my OTB Bogart did the same to me except it was ice water.

And if we can include dogs in here. My greyhound Doug spilled a pilsner full of fine Guiness beer one day. By the time I got up to walk to the other room to grab a towel, he had sucked the entire glass of beer from the carpet. He really liked beer. He peed a lot that day.
a little off topic but thought this was funny ( not so funny at the time)

my greyhound Mack was always nosey.

One day I had went out shopping and bought a couple of pairs of really pretty lacy panties. I came home and Dh had a bunch of friends over so I ran and threw my bag in the bedroom. Mack being the nosey one had went in my room too look at my purchases I guess. A few minutes later my Dh and his friends were hysterical and I couldn't figure out what they were laughing so hard at until Mack walks past me with a pair of my newly purchased painties on his head. All I could say is well atleast we know they are clean

I guess with his long nose when he stuck his head in the bag he got the leg part over his nose and managed to get the crotch part under his chin and then the part with the most cloth up on top of his head he looked like he had a bonnet on his head. After I got over the embarassment it was kind of funny.
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My first thought was the time Jordan knocked a large glass jar of spagetti sauce out of the kitchen cabinet (that was before I had baby locks on all of them). I wasn't home so I am left to imagine what happend, but I'm sure he knocked it out onto the stove. It then somehow hit the floor where the lid must have popped off because there was spagetti sauce all over even all over the celing. I would have been super upset with him, but remember how I said it must have hit the stove. I know this because when I came home the entire appartment smelled like gas. The pilot lites on the stove top would go out if anything was dropped on the stove. The gas must have been leaking into the appartment for a long time. I was so worried about all of the cats that Jordan managed not get in trouble for that one, but by the next day there were baby locks on all the cabinets.
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Forrest once knocked a full glass of red wine over onto my white carpeting. I totally panicked.

Fortunately, I ran to the internet and looked up how to clean it. Don't use carpet cleaner - it will "set" the wine stain. Just mix hydrogen peroxide with a little warm water and put on the stain. I soaked up what I could of the wine and pored the peroxide mixture on the carpeting. Held my breath for a moment wondering what would happen. And then....the stain disappeared! It was a miracle - especially for our little "basement cat" Forrest - cause I was NOT a happy Meowmy!
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Flutterby used to love to get her paws into the water on my head board and of course I used to wake up drenched at least once a week. Some humans will never learn.
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My last cat, Casey, knew how to get my pantry door open. It never really closed right and she had gotten onto the 2nd shelf where I put a new 10lb bag of dog food and knocked it onto the kitchen floor. I heard the crash and went into the kitchen to find a sea of dog food and 1 very happy dog eating as fast as she could. Casey was still hanging out on the 2nd shelf very proud of herself.

The only thing Maggie has spilled or knocked down, other than all the small things all over my desk when I'm sleeping, is a 3ft thick plant I keep in the living room in front of the window. She likes to play Tarzan apparently and tries to scare me by jumping THROUGH the plant, thus, knocking it over along with all the dirt inside all over my light carpet. She then looks at me like.. OK, I'll just lay here and watch you clean it up
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Last week Milo knocked over a brand new 2 litre bottle of olive oil that I had left opened on the counter while I went to the fridge. You do not want to know what 2 litres of oil looks like on your kitchen floor! It took me the whole afternoon to clean it up so the tiles were no longer slippery. And that stuff is very expensive.
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This one is partially my fault I guess. My couch is very long, so there isn't room for an endtable next to it. So I often just put my drinks on the window sill. Well, as Harvey and Luke chase each other like mad men, the window in the living room is their crash point. They'll ricochet off of it to make another round. You can see where this is going. I had a glass full of Coke and Harvey comes flying into it, spilling it all over him and Luke, the couch, a brand new book, and my carpet. They both looked at me like "Momma, what just happened and why am I WET!?"
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Midori's not teh jumping up and knocking over type.

The worst thing Aya has spilled was a cup of hot strawberry tea. Which would not ahve been so bad in itself except that it was in my tatasmi room on my computer table next to my laptop.

At first I mopped it up and thought not much had gotten in there, but 5 minutes later the computer shorts out! Luckilly 2 hours later it started working again before I was able to skin the cat in revenge -just joking...
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