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Daily Thread Monday March 30th!

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Morning folks!

It's going to be 6 degrees and rainy today. Heading to work in a bit. I think I might get the majority of the wedding invites out today I am nervous..what if noone comes!?

I can't believe it's almost April!! Spring has sprung~ I am going to put the summer tires back on Blueington, and give him a good wash!

Anyhoo, I hope you all have a good one today!
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We're pretty cold here this morning - just above freezing - and they had freeze warnings out for some of the areas up in the mountains. It's supposed to be pretty warm (~65) for the high though and from what I could see as the sun had just started peeking over the horizon it's going to be a pretty day as well.

I'm at work -- came in early to get a good start on the week. I'll probably try to go take a walk later to enjoy the weather a bit. After work it's off to the gym and then home to the kitties.
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Its starting out sunny but rain/sleet coming later in the day. Temps stil a bit cooler than normal too.

Have a couple of errands before work thi smorning, like stopping at vets office to make an appt for "Buddy"!!

Have to get my letter out to my existing customers too -see if I'll actually be doing some landscaping this spring.

Not much else going on today. Have a good one!!
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Good morning!

Started out a little chilly this morning, about 43ºF, but is supposed to warm up to 74ºF later today. Sat in a lot of traffic on the way to work this morning, as there was a 10+ car wreck (a line of rear-enders) taking up two lanes on the interstate.

Gotta make it through the workday, then pay our tax person for her services - she's filing for us today (could not e-file the $8,000 home buyer credit until 3/30). Then I'm off to an extra pole practice at 6:30pm, cooking dinner, and relaxing!

Going to hope Nero and Hoshi (our new boy) will get along today while we're gone and have some bonding time. It's so discouraging to see them fight.
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Shelter day this morning.

It's supposed to be warm today. It finally got back up to 70 yesterday afternoon.

Going to San Antonio tonight.
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Morning All!!

Damp and very chilly here this morning.

A good day to stay inside and putter around the house which is what I am planning on doing.

My hands, and shoulders are sure giving me what for due to the damp weather.

I think it will be spa day for the kitties, nail clipping, ear cleaning, and lots of brushing. Pixie and Linus have almost finished shedding for now but Sassy is still pretty fuzzy.

Everyone have a great day
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Afternoon everyone!

Hope everyone's having a good day!

I spent most of my morning job hunting for a 2nd job. After that I hit the gym for a little while, went to a meeting at work (fully expecting a layoff- they've been letting people go right and left, but at this point I still have a job! Ya! (Now If I can only get better hours until I find a 2nd job I'll be set!)

I'm at my sister Kimmy's house for now hanging out with her and searching for jobs online while we make supper! That's about it!
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