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Jake has organization issues

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Okay, one of the many ways Jake shows his madness...
If I have a pen on my desk, Jake will get up on the desk and throw the pen on the ground. This goes with pretty much anything that is on my desk that's big enough for him to be able to throw down...
I put a pen inside my little pen holder cup- Jake will literally take it out of there with his mouth and then throw it to the ground if it's the same pen that he has previously thrown... I can never take anything away from him if he is playing with it. He will find the means to get it back.
This happens with everything. If Jake wants something on the floor, it will go on the floor. The funny thing is-say I put the pen inside the pen holder after a while and Jake has forgotten about it...He won't look for it for quite some time. But as soon as he passes by the pen holder and happens to catch sight of it, he will literally freeze in place, take it out, put it on the floor and then go back to what he was doing. It's so hilarious because even if he is in the midst of play, I can see a little light bulb go off in his head remembering that something's not right, his stuff has been messed with and he needs to fix it.. I seriously feel like when he has put something on the floor, it bothers him that I've moved it and wants it to stay where he has put it....
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Yep, sound like he has some issues CUTE ONES!!!
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That is too funny! Can we say Kitty OCD?
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