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What Does This Mean?

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Everytime I use Firefox as my browser and try logging into TCS and/or access one particular forum or thread or try posting, I get this "warning" message:

The information you have entered is to be sent over an unencrypted connection and could easily be read by a third party.

Now I know TCS is a safe website to use, so why am I getting that message? It also sometimes occurs on other websites which I know are also safe to use - but when I use IE, I never get those messages. What does it mean?
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It means exactly what it says - it's from logging in with your username and password. You likely have the security turned up somewhere. For the most part, don't worry about it if you're on a safe site (and generally you'll know when you're not on one).
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Did you install the World of Trust app?
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Isn't there a checkbox on there that says something like "don't show this message in the future" -- if there is, check that and you'll never see it again.
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