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Welcome home, Hoshi!

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Today Rob and I adopted our second black cat. Katina has moved in with my in-laws, as she did not adapt well to our new home, and she isn't very playful (Nero is insanely playful). She would only ever come to our house to eat, and the in-laws said they would take her in because she's ever so loving over there, and doesn't even want Rob and I to pick her up. My in-law's house WAS her home for 1.5 years, so I guess she doesn't want to change. We wanted what was best for her, and we didn't want to force her into living here if she is happier with my in-laws (and they love her too).

Since Nero needs a friend to take off some of his excess energy, we went looking for potential kitties to be his brother. We wanted a 1+ year old male cat for him to rough house with and snuggle with. After checking three shelters as well as the cats at Petsmart (housed there for Caradobe Rescue and Berkeley County PAWS - two other shelters), we decided to bring Nero to visit and pick the new kitty.

Went back to Petsmart with Nero in his harness and one of the volunteers for BC Paws/Caradobe was dropping off another kitty and let us in to visit with a few of the cats in there. There was a beautiful white cat with brown and black markings named Hank who was totally trying to butter up Rob. He didn't even go near Nero. Another white cat with gray markings named Calvin batted at Nero a lot and hissed, and also didn't let you touch him in certain places without nipping at your hand. Mr. Pepperoni, a black and white "cow-cat", didn't pay attention to anything or anyone haha. Star (now Hoshi) went up to Nero and they sniffed one another, then play batted really lightly. They played together in the crinkle tunnels and interacted really well. We gave them all about an hour together before making our decision (well we went by what seemed best for Nero!), and I called Star's foster.

Today we met at 3pm to fill out the adoption application and take him home. They asked if we were going to keep the name "Star", and we told them it was a toss up between Star, Hoshi, or Asteri. They took a "Happy Tales" picture of Rob, Hoshi and I and we were on our way. Bought him an orange Safe Cat collar just like Nero's, a water dish, place mat, etc. He's been adjusting really well to the house, and has been in every single window there is here. I keep getting him and Nero confused All I see is a black blur with an orange collar. Nero already has pounced on him a few times, but he's not ready to play just yet. They've now been sniffing each other a lot and watching one another.

Hoshi is 2 years old, and was the cat that was in the shelter/foster care the longest. They were going to take him back to foster today actually since no one had adopted him. He's now in his forever home with a 'little' brother.

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Aww he's beautiful!
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Oh, he's GORGEOUS!!!!!!!
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We definitely hope they work out together. Nero was sleeping on my head last night and Hoshi was at Rob's feet. I didn't hear any fur flying last night He wouldn't leave Rob alone for 5 seconds this morning once we got up. He's getting along great with us, but he's attacked Nero a few times now, and I think Nero is really confused.

They'll be near each other to eat and walk around the house, but Hoshi is getting a little fierce around Nero, and Nero also still wants to play, but has such a "hurt" look on his face when Hoshi freaks out at him. We know it's still very new to both of them, but I think Rob is getting a little discouraged seeing them fight, and it's rubbing off on me even though I'm trying to be optimistic since it is so soon!
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You just essentially put them together immediately, didn't you? It may take a while to work that out.
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What a handsome guy Congratulations
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Originally Posted by mrblanche View Post
You just essentially put them together immediately, didn't you? It may take a while to work that out.
Yes. We introduced them at the shelter first (which made all the employees and volunteers go on and on about how wonderful it was that we thought of doing that), and they pretty much got along there, although I wasn't really expecting them to instantly become snuggle buddies at home. It's not always the "normal" way of introducing, but putting them together right away HAS worked for us in the past with all my family's cats, it just took time.

Inside, I know that it takes some time (I'm certainly not a cat newbie!), but it kind of disappoints us when we see Hoshi attack Nero when he was just trying to be friendly (Nero has never hissed at another cat since we've had him, and still hasn't, even with Hoshi beating on him). At the shelter, Hoshi and Nero were sniffing each other and playing in the crinkle tunnel together. My mom has always put the cats together when we got them, and its always worked out over time as well (although Chassis still beats up Caliper on occasion, and it's been almost 5 years!). I tell Rob (and myself) it won't be instantaneous - Hoshi needs to adjust to a new house and a new cat (he was fostered with many cats around and also was housed with a cat at Petsmart, so he IS used to other cats), and Nero needs to be calm and less rambunctious for a little while while Hoshi adjusts.

I do feel they will get along in a few weeks, just by past experiences (although we never introduced a male to a male, only female to male, and female to female. The two males I had together way back were litter mates) but it still is kind of frustrating to see Hoshi go nuts on Nero as if he is the resident cat and Nero is the new cat, and yet was so sweet to him when they first met.

Either way, he's a fun boy to have around so far! And as long as he stays sweet to us and starts getting along with Nero, he'll surely be fine
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Actually, it's possible this has nothing to do with introductions or dislike, and rather is working out dominance.
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Hoshi is a doll! Thank you for choosing another black cat. When he and Nero sort through what is what and who is who, I will be expecting pics of them together.
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That's one GORGEOUS kitty!
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I think Rob and I are suckers for black cats now They are so gorgeous The first time we saw Hoshi we were like "hmm, I wonder if he'll get along with Nero!" And he did when they met. We know that a lot of black cats have trouble finding homes, but our two are so sweeeet.

Yesterday we got home from work and both of them were waiting for us at the door. They were being rather civil to each other, just sniffing and nose touching. Then when it was time for bed, it meant cat play time. Oh jeez. I heard cats zooming all over the house, looked at our cable box and it said 3:05am. They were running from one end of the house to the other, on to our bed, off our pillows, back down the hall, back to our bed. Rob and I got barely any sleep last night with those two going crazy. But there was only one hiss while they were playing. This morning they were playing footsies under the closet door with each other. It definitely made us smile to see them being nice and playing already.

Nero has seemed slightly more distant than usual, but will still give us some kisses. He was all over Rob's hat still (LOVES to rub Rob's hat when we get home). I think he may be acting that way while getting used to Hoshi being around. Nero nipped at his foot this morning when playing, and Hoshi didn't attack him like he would have on Sunday, woohoo. There will definitely be pictures together once they have sorted themselves out. And once my MIL brings our camera back
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Originally Posted by Tara & Rob View Post
I think Rob and I are suckers for black cats now They are so gorgeous The first time we saw Hoshi we were like "hmm, I wonder if he'll get along with Nero!" And he did when they met. We know that a lot of black cats have trouble finding homes, but our two are so sweeeet.
Isn't that amazing? A friend of mine that has been a long-time animal lover (that introduced me to the world of kitties...thanks, Kristin!!), told me that black cats and tortis have the hardest time finding homes because they don't have "exotic" patterns. She's told me that before, but I'm just as stunned each time. The little torti girl they had there was the sweetest little thing I'd ever seen; and my two black panthers, well...their personalities defy description! I know some people have their own favorite characteristics they look for in a cat, but I'll admit, sometimes I don't get it!

Hoshi is gorgeous; you're all lucky to have found each other!
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I had two gray and black tabbies growing up; Katina & Monte were also. Those were the most common looking cats I remember seeing - it seemed all my friends had them too (I know it is popular).

My mom adopted a tuxedo after one of our tabbies crossed the bridge, and then a multi-colored (not really sure if she's tortie) longhair. They also have a Siamese mix now.

Rob and I saw Nero and fell in love instantly, and then were interested in finding a 2nd black cat, but it was really up to Nero. He picked his twin! (except for the white spot on his chest) Supposedly Hoshi has some Siamese in his bloodlines.

Those two are definitely are like little panthers with such amazing personalities.
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Very handsome kitty!
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Hoshi is beautiful!

And if you already have elephants chasing each other up and down the hallway (disguised as kitties, of course, but the thundering of the stampede gives them away!), you've got a couple buddies.

I admit, I'm a total sucker for black cats too. I have two - medium haired boy (Trent) and short haired girl (Mojo). I just love them - I have always thought black cats are the most regal and elegant ones. Well, regal and elegant looking anyway...those are two words that wouldn't describe Trent or Mojo's personality!
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He's beautiful!
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Awww bless you for adopting Hoshi! I'm sure he and Nero will get along very well in time.
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Hoshi is beautiful! My first cat (at 5 Y/O) was a black cat....Charlie, an awesome cat that i had for 9 yrs. I have since had black cats and have a 14 Y/O Tuxedo kitty. My DH has been voluntering at the local shelter and they have a bunch of black and B/W kitties and say they are the hardest to adopt out. People are weird!
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The boys are doing much better it seems. Although this morning Hoshi got Nero in a headlock and was kicking with his back legs and poor Nero had fur flying everywhere. Rob wants to look into Soft Paws for both of them - both for playing and for not scratching our couches or bed anymore. Katina came over and checked out the new cat last night. She was not amused! Hoshi wanted to sniff her and she growled and walked off haha.

Nero certainly got a friend to play with, Hoshi is very interested in chasing him down the hall, then swapping places on the way back. Playing a slight bit rough with all the fur flying, but boys will be boys.

I finally got my camera back (even though the MIL says she's not done, yet had it for 4 days and didn't use it ) so hopefully over the next few days there will be new Hoshi & Nero pictures!
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