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Luna really really doesn't want another cat!!

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Luna seems to have hated having that other cat in 'her' house so much, that now she's petrified when new people come over!

She used to be very sociable with strangers, she'd sniff their faces and all their belongings and climb all over them...but now...

Ever since the foster carer brought in the other cat, when someone she realises someone she doesn't know is entering the house with me she goes nuts and runs off all fluffed up, and then starts looking into all the hidey places and then under the bed for AGES (where the cat hid when Luna was trying to attack her) until she's satisfied the stranger hasn't brought a cat with them.

What a diva!
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I guess I missed it? How was she introduced to the foster? How long has the foster been there? Have you tried Feliway? Poor kitty.
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Quite honestly, I don't think that's much of a way to judge. The other cat was only there a short while, if I recall? Luna was probably confused and frightened and had no time to adapt.
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Yeah there was a thread about me introducing Luna to a foster kitty. They were together for a few hours, the foster kitty was fine with Luna, but Luna was not happy and trapped her under the bed and stalked around it for hours, and was very very upset for a few days later.

I've been talking to some shelter people, and some vets and they've advised it's probably not a good idea to get another cat, the word they used was that she had been 'traumatised' by the whole thing, and not to do it now while she's so dependent on me. She's very attached and has to be with me ALL the time no matter what I'm doing, if I'm on the loo she has to sit on my lap on the loo! And when I leave she cries and she cries and no one can comfort her.

I think she just doesn't want another cat in her house. She's fine with the cat that lives in the backyard (neighbours backyard is directly attached to one of my windows, so Luna can see straight into it) - they see eachother everytime he goes to the yard to do his business and she watches him through the flyscreen and they have a bit of a meow and a staring contest and she is fine, and she's fine with the cats that live at the vet...but just not with other cats coming inside the house.

They said maybe when she grows more into an adult personality I could try again, but right now she's so sooky, she's still searching the house over and over again when strangers come over, like she's looking for where they hid a cat and won't go near them until she's checked the house a million times...oh well! I would've loved to rescue another kitty but Luna has to come first!
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