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Any advice for cleaning teeth?

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I got my cat's teeth cleaned by the Vet, and now I try to brush them a little bit every day, until she gets used to it. Right now she doesn't want to let me open her mouth. I can use the teethbrush and get the front and side teeth by pulling open her lips, but how do I get the far back teeth?

The finger brush seems too large for her, so I am using the small toothbrush...

Is your cat lying down or sitting up when you brush her teeth? Any advice would be appreciated...thanks!
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You can try a cloth wrapped around a finger to get to the back. They sell them premoistened or just use a baby wash cloth. Bravo for tackling this!!
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My cat can't have his teeth brushed anymore because he's allergic to the toothpaste but when I was brushing them I used a regular tooth brush and I scruffed him when I did it because it would make his jaw relax and I could do it.

Another thing you could look into is dental wax, you just apply it with your finger to the teeth and it helps keep things from sticking to the teeth. You apply it once a week.
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What I've read says to take it in stages. Start by trying to open her mouth... reward with a treat (a tarter fighting one if you have them). Do this a few times a day every day until she tolerates you opening her mouth. Then using the tooth brush to touch her back teeth. Don't actually brush, just touch them for a few seconds. Again reward with a treat and continue until she tolerates it. Keep doing this in steps until you can brush her teeth. You may be best off only brushing a section a day... but it's a start.

As for position I'd let her tell you how she's most comfortable but my guess is that in a sitting position would be easiest. Good luck!
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Thanks so much for the great suggestions! I try to brush her teeth (or have some contact with her teeth for a few seconds)...right before it's time to feed her. That way, she knows there is something good coming afterwards. Hopefully she will learn it's not such a bad thing, and then she will let me do more.
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