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I can't find them!!!!!!!!

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There's no trace of Charlotte and Everest anywhere in the apartment. I looked out the windows and noticed that one of the screens was partially ripped. It's a 12-15 foot drop out of that window. I went outside to look for them and there's no sign of them anywhere. I'm distraught and don't know what to do!!
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Hopefully they're ok if they managed to sneak out the window. 15 feet doesn't seem that far for a cat to fall. How cats survive falls.

Get recent pictures of them and print up fliers ASAP. Knock on doors in your neighborhood and post the fliers around, so that if anyone sees them, they'll knock that they're missing pets and not strays. Also call local animal control and shelters to let them know about your missing kitties, and bring them fliers so that if someone brings them in, they'll know to contact you.

Good luck
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The lady I adopted them from came over to help. We found Charlotte outside huddled between a thicket and a tree. I brought her inside. She seems fine but I'm going to have her checked out tonight.

I'm very worried about Evie. They are brother and sister, I thought they would have been hiding together but he wasn't in the same spot.
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Come Home Evie
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Oh no I hope Evie comes home soon
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We found Evie! I'm so relieved. He stuck himself in a spot by one of the basement windows. Two of us checked an overturned wheelbarrow next to that spot and didn't see him. I decided to take one more look and saw his big eyes staring up at me.

Neither one of them seem any worse for wear. No limping or anything like that. I'm going to have my vet look at them or should I take them to a 24 hospital just to get them looked at? They seem fine. Both are roaming around the apartment and acting normal.

Thank you for the vibes, I'm so happy and relieved I could cry.
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Oh my goodness! I'm so relieved for you! Poor little babies, bet they were happy to see you!
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Oh I'm so glad you found them both!
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Originally Posted by kscatlady View Post
Oh my goodness! I'm so relieved for you! Poor little babies, bet they were happy to see you!
Not as happy as I am to seem them well.

They have been chasing each other around the apartment. I think they are happy to see each other, too!

Originally Posted by babyharley
Oh I'm so glad you found them both!
Thank you, me too! Huge sigh of relief.
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Shadow isn't very happy right now. He's staying in the closet and hissing at them if they get near. I take it this is from a combination of them being gone for a while today and having some strange smells on them from being outside?
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Either that or he's jealous that they got to go outside Seriously though, I'm so glad you found them! I've had screen ripping events too and it is very scary
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Thanks, Katie. Shadow will come around to them again sooner or later. He's kind of temperamental.

Both of them seem fine now. They are sleeping and all I can do is sit here and watch them.
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Sorry I'm late coming to this thread - I'm so glad you got your babies back.
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Oh, boy, Bryan! What a scare!!! So glad you found them quickly and safe and sound!!!
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You have you babies back
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Oh, thank goodness - I can't imagine how frantic you were. Have you fixed that screen yet? If you have to do it yourself, I think Ace and Home Depot carry mesh that designed to be better if you have pets.
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Thanks. I haven't fixed the screen yet. I have two windows in the apartment that I need to "kitty proof" the screens before I open the windows again.

Evie woke me up this afternoon by licking my nose.
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Yikes. After reading this thread I just wrote down on my list of things to check when I go back up to Minneapolis next week to take care of some fine print with my apt. I should take note of any modifications I'll need to make so that my two can't sneak out... especially since I'll be on the top floor and that's a heck of a drop.
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Wow Bryan! What a scare!! I'm so glad to hear your kitties are now safe at home with you!
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I'm on the ground floor, with a patio sliding glass door with a sliding screen attached. Last year, the screen door was just slightly off the track, which I hadn't noticed. I opened the glass door to let some fresh spring air in, and went to wash my face. Came out - way too quiet in the condo....turned out my boy had pushed the screen door completely off the track and snuck out, followed by girl - longest 10 minutes of my life while I got them back.

All we can do is try to make our homes as safe as possible, and hope for the best.
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I know what you mean darlili. The feeling I had during those few hours was horrible.

All three of them have settled back in nicely with each other, no hissing.

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