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Help!Her eye!

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Help! I woke up this morning to Luna not really opening her right eye. I checked it and it's a bit swollen and her third eyelid is covering part of it and it looks slightly red.

A few months ago she had the same thing, but wasn't closing her eye as much as now, and it passed within a day.

I can't get her to the vet today, I just can't, I thought of all the possible ways and it's not going to happen.

Is there anything I can do for her? Will she be ok? Does anyone know what it could be?

She was fine before we went to sleep last night. But she was playing with this decoration thing we have and she might've poked herself in the eye with it...
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There is no telling, she could have poked her eye with the decoration or it could be something less serious. I wouldn't even suggest wiping it since something could be stuck in there and it could make it worse. I would get her to the vet as soon as you can, and until then keep an eye on her and make sure she is taking in water and food until you get her to the doc. They will probably want to make sure she has no trauma to it, if she doesn't they might want to give you some ointment... my cat got something similiar to pink eye and they gave me an ointment. Hope your baby will be ok!
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You COULD try flushing it a little with a normal saline solution. That won't do any damage, and it might help. If you have some Opticlear (pet ophthalmic solution), that would be the #1 choice. We almost always have some in the house. Again, it won't do any harm.
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Ok I'll keep an eye on her and see what happens, and if it's not any better I'll take her to the vet.

She slept all night with me, it wasn't until when I woke up (but hadn't got out of bed) that she started doing things which is why I think she might have poked it.

I have this decoration thing which is like... a vase of sticks that have fairy lights wrapped around them, and she loves to chew on the top of the sticks but sometimes they flick at her and other times she's got them stuck in her mouth (but she never learns!) so I have a feeling it might have flicked and got her in the eye. (I've now thrown them out just in case despite them being quite expensive )

This morning she seemed to eat her breakfast normally and when she was alert and playing she had her eye wide open, and when I touched her face to examine it she didn't try to bite me or do the things she does when she's unwell, so hopefully it'll be ok!
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Well I got home yesterday from work and her eye was looking much better - a little bit different to her left eye but better, and when we woke up in the morning it was fine and there was no redness at all so I think she must've just bumped it or something..
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