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If I had a garage, I would paint the floors a checkered flag pattern, and keep my honda, my ferrari and my corvette in it, well the first one for sure, as the other two are only in my dreams right now, lol
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I live in the city, and I share a two car garage with my neighbors. The garages are off the back alley. I absolutely park in there, mostly because there's nowhere else to park but in the garage!
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Originally Posted by Momofmany View Post
Boy you've hit a sore spot! We have a 2 car garage and I would like to park my car in there, but there is too much junk in it. I can get my car into the garage, but then I can barely squeeze out the door and then I can't walk thru the garage to get into the house. I've gotten my clothes dirty brushing up against the car trying to get out of the garage.

DH has a car that he hasn't driven in 3 years that is parked in there and I can't get him to sell it. Some days I want to be mean and call a junker to tow it away. Then I remember that we could probably get a couple thousand for it.

Then we have a huge shed on the property where we could store a lot of stuff from the garage, but DH says he doesn't want to clutter up that shed. That shed is big enough to park 2 cars. He doesn't use it very often because it's not heated and too far away from the house.

I want to sell the car that we don't use, move DH's work shop from the shed to where that car is parked, then move all the remaining clutter to the shed. Then I can park my car inside, swing the door wide open, and walk into the house.

This is an ongoing discussion between us. I will win one day.
Don't be too sure! Every place we have lived (with the exception of the townhouse years ago), we have had either a single or double car garage. Hubby has the garage full of "stuff". He also had a 70 Dodge at our last house that got to be in the garage and I scraped ice and snow off my car every winter. I keep hoping that one day I'll be able to park in a garage but I honestly don't think I'll live long enough to do so.
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I picked other. We had a garage but it has been converted to a 4th bedroom. So our cars are in the drive way.
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Most of the time there are too many here to fit into the garage, so the ones we don't want to chance "getting in the way" of the neighborhood kids are driven in.
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My parents have a two car garage but there's too much crap piled up to park a vehicle in it. [My mom is a collector of stuff along with a bunch of doll stuff from her doll making days!]
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I chose "other" because I don't have a garage. Even the carport got closed in to make a dining room and extra bedroom (long before I bought the house). So my car sits in the driveway and I had a storage shed built behind the house for all the junk. Of course, there's still more junk on the patio than in the shed.
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no garage, only a carport, but I do park underneath it!
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Yes I have...

do you like?...

The most I like my natural "sculpture".......
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We have a garage but no car...
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My truck is ginormous! My parents park their cars in the poor truckie gets to sit on the curb....where someone stole gas from my truck.... but now i have a lock on it
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Vehicles go in garages?

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I park my car in the our single-car garage while my husband parks outside. We have a very small/narrow garage and driveway (we live in a tall and narrow townhouse, which is rare down here in Florida actually), and it's very tight with my slightly smaller Mazda6 compared to his Camry.

Most of our friends and family park outside their garages, but my parents park both their cars in their garage. They have a nice and spacious one.

My father-in-law parks his truck outside, but he has a separate 5-car garage that he fills with junk. Literally.
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We don't, but it has to do with the poor setup of ours. The house and garage were built in 1932, and the 2 doors are quite narrow. It's also all the way in the back of our plot but does not open to the alley. It was one of the first houses built on the block and I doubt there was an alley when it was built.

Once we get doors on the back and a pad poured for alley access, we'll be parking in the garage.
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We only park our cars in the garage in the winter or on nights where we expect frost.
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I voted Other, so I guess I will 'please explain'. I live in a 18-floor apt. building with 4 levels of underground garage parking, 1 spot per apartment. BF gets that spot since he's lived there longer than me and gets home from work later than I do, and street parking gets tougher to find the later it gets. So I park on the street, about a half block away. However, he travels a lot for work so when he's parked at the airport I get the parking spot. I use those days to do extra shopping or other weekday after work outings.
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