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Please pray for Anna Belle

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I had to rush her to the emergency vet clinic. She knocked over a liquid potpuri holder and walked thru it. When I noticed the mess I took her to the bath tub and washed the mess off her feet. After the bath she was acting fine but soon she started acting like she didn't feel good. I sat with her a few minutes until she threw up and then noticed she was breathing funny. It wasn't until then that I realized she may have tried to lick her feet clean. The vet said her little lungs are full of fluid. She was psycho at the vet so I know she has some good fight in her. They drugged her up pretty good, gave her oxygen, put her on a drip, and put her in a cage where she immediatley went to a corner to unstress. My gut feeling tells me she will be fine but I'm on pins and needles here after the loss of Seven and the recent loss of my puppy. Plwase pray for my little Anna Smells.
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Healthy energy going out to Anna Belle! She's in good hands now. Positive energy being send out to you too Jason. You've really been through the wringer.....
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Oh No Jason! I am so glad you acted quickly. I will pray that she will be fine.
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Healing thoughts and prayers are on the way.
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Sending positive thoughts as well. I hope everything turns out okay for Anna Belle.
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Good Get Well Vibes, prayers, and positive thoughts going to you and your beautiful Anna Belle. Please keep us posted on her.
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I am so sorry to hear about Anna Belle! Sending good thoughta her way, and yours. Please keep up posted.
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Sending get-better-soon-Annabelle vibes!
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I hope she gets better. Any news yet?
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Sending well wishes to Anna Belle! Hope she is feeling better today!
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I just called the vets office. Vet is not in yet but the tech that was there last night was still in. He said she's looking much better. I have to go up there about 11:30 and drop of Sampson (puppy) for boarding for a few hours so I'll talk to the doctor at that time. Tech didn't seem to concerned with her not recovering and had nothing but positive things to say.
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great to hear the good news!! Sending some good annabelle to annabelle vibes
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I'm so happy that Anna Belle has made positive progress. I'm sending out Get Well vibes to her.
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Come on Anna Belle - keep getting better!
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I'm so glad she's getting better! Keep on truckin' Anna Belle!
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Keep getting better little Anna Belle!
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I just read this .... I am glad she is feeling better. When Fluffy was a kitten, she got into something similar to potpouri (sp?) and she started foaming! She was fine after I rinsed her mouth.
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OMG Jason! I just read this! Poor little girl...I hope everything will be ok. What a scary moment for you, I bet. At least you were "right on the ball" by getting her cleaned up. Things could have been much worse!

Any more news on her?
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OMG! I'm so sorry, Jason! Sending healing thoughts and prayers for Anna Belle from GA! Get well soon, girl!
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Sending warm fuzzies from WY and CA.
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I just got back from visiting her. She seemd kind of happy to have some company. She looked better and I could tell she feels a little better. She's not eating though because her throat was burned by the chemicals in the potporri. She is still weazing a little but she sounds much better. If she doesn't eat by tomorrow morning they will put her on a the iv diet. I hope she comes home soon.
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I'm so sad she had to go through that, but thank God she's got a good Daddy who caught everything as quickly as he did. You probably saved her life.

Here's some more warm fuzzies for her to be able to come home quickly.
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Oh, Jason... I was sorry to hear all the troubles of Anna Belle! I was happy to hear she made some progress, and I can't wait to hear she is totaly out of the woods.

Im sendgin some more good vibes to help her get better!!!

Please keep us posted!
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OMG Jason, I'm so sorry to hear this! So she's not home yet? any more news?? Can you give her something that smells like you to calm her? Please keep us updated.
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Aww poor thing! She is lucky to have you!!! I will continue to send positive get well vibes to her. Please keep us updated.
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Hope all is well, Jason... Wishing Anna speedy recovering!
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that stuff is quite toxic, it will more than likely take some time, but hopefully she will be back to normal soon.

Sending good thoughts!
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So sorry to hear!!! Sending prayers Anna's way, poor thing!
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I hope your cat is okay!
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Im so sorry about you and the kittie...i hope you are both OK. Sending happy get better vibes and prayers!
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