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Help With Breed?

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I've had this kitten for a while, he'll be a year old in June '09.

I just called him a bob tailed cat and now I've been doing some research, and I think maybe I have a Manx cat? His mother's tail was even shorter than his is, and she was fully grown (hers was only a little stub).

Any help would be great, as it's either a Manx, or some kind of mutt kitten, lol.

Picture here: It's the black one that I'm referring to of course, haha.

Some more pictures of him if it'll help:

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His taillessness could have occured naturally through some kind of genetic mutation. It happens. I had a cat like that, I used to think his tail got cut because I found him as a stray..I doubt he was a Manx, the little stub of a tail he had was almost half of a normal tail's length and he was the laziest cat I'd ever seen
It's really impossible to know for sure unless u have papers..
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Gotcha. He'll just be my mutt of a cat then, thanks for the reply!
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