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EGD- Is this normal?

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I had an EGD done this past Wednesday and the doctor took some samples for biopsy. I didn't have a sore throat afterward but my abdomen has been really sore, sometimes making it slightly uncomfortable to sit or stand. I haven't been feeling all that well either- tired with the occasional feeling that I'm getting a headache.

Should I call my doctor about it?
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I'm assuming that the headache and tired feeling could be from a sedative they used? That should have worked it's way out of your system by now though, so it's definitely worth calling over this and the soreness - just in case you're reacting to something adversely.

Hopefully you're not.

Generally if one thinks "should I call the doctor", they probably should call the doctor.
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I would call the doctor. I had that done a few months ago and didn't have any problems but they didn't have to take any biopsies. I did have a biopsy taken during a colonoscopy last month, and had pain after that and called the doctor. He prescribed a low dose anitbiotic, just in case, but he said it probably was just the spot healing.

that you feel better soon.
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