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Leaving the cats that ok?

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Hi everyone,
It has been a while since I've been on. My husband and I are going away from Sunday to Sunday. I have agonized over leaving Tundra and Tacoma with a pet sitter or our vet who also happens to board pets. It would be $288 for the nights that they both stay and that is a little expensive for us. So I came up with a friend picking them up on Monday morning and taking them to the vet and then picking them up on Saturday morning and bringing them home with us coming back on Sunday.
Is it too long for them to be on their own from Sunday morning when we leave to Monday morning when she comes for them and from Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon when we return? Doing this plan we cut out $120. It would also cut down 4 nights of them being away from home.
Please let me know what you think.
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Is there anybody who could go to your house once a day to check/feed them instead?
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Nope, I don't. Also, I do not trust anyone to commit to "saying " that they will be fed, change the litter etc. They are strictly indoor cats. If one got out and went missing......
i am just worried about the overnight issue at this point.
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They should be just fine overnight. Assuming you have food out for them and plenty of water (extra bowls incase one gets spilled) and a clean potty box I wouldn't worry.

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As long as you leave out enough food and water and make sure the litter boxes are clean before you leave, they should be all right. I will leave my cats for as much as 36 hours, but anything over that I have somebody come in to check on them.
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We show cats. The ones that are not shown have been left from Friday till we get home Sunday with no problems. I just leave them with plenty of food and extra water bowls and a clean litter pan.
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Thanks everyone. I feel so much better now. We have not left them before other than when they went to get neutered.
I'll be sure to put out the extra food and water. I can sleep now
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