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cracked paw pad

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Stoli's 'wrist' paw pad is split nearly all the way through. It's not hurting him and it's not bleeding or pink. It's just dry. Is there anything I can do, why did this happen, how can I help it to not happen to another pad?

FYI, this particular pad has always been dry - all his other pads are supple and moist. I just noticed that it had cracked deeply the other day. But for as long as I can remember - it was dry
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I would take him to the vet to check it out. In the meantime, you can try a product called Bag Balm. My Boss Hoss had super dry cracked paws when I first adopted him and the vet recommended Bag Balm, which is available at any drug store. It worked because his paws are normal now.
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I'll call his vet on Monday and I'll look for some bag balm. I'm not sure how much good it will do since it is so deep - I doubt it will mend back together - but what do I know.
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Oh, I didn't realize the cut was so deep. In that case, have the vet check it out. I would hate for the Bag Balm to penetrate the cut and cause an infection or induce pain in your cat.
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While I can't help on this situation, as it sounds like it is pretty bad.... untill you can get him into the vet, I would just try to keep it clean (wash 2 x a day with just water) so that no cat litter gets stuck in there or anything else. But I wouldn't wash it too often for fear up drying it out more.

For future, I would pick up the bag balm (works great on both animals and humans... if you have dry knees or feet, try it....awesome stuff) and throughout the dry season (typically winter) I would check his feet, or even put some balm on them once a week as a preventative.
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thanks guys, I just can't believe it got that bad without me noticing. Last I looked it was just dry. Now it's completely cracked. No sign of anything. Do paws get callused? Do they shed paw skin like humans do?
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I've got to say, I don't think I've ever looked at that paw pad of my kitties! Are you talking about the big one, or one of the side pads?

I know outside cats usually have dry, callused paw pads, but I didn't think inside kitties did? I just checked Smudge and Stumpy, and there's are all very soft.

Maybe you can start the balm on his other paw pads in the meantime, and just clean the one with the deeper split?

Good luck!
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Info for you. I'm posting the links hoping there is nothing seriously wrong and medication from your vet will clear up this problem very quickly and the information in the articles will also be helpful to you.

But first, a thread from 2007

A quote from this tread

My two cents - he's probably gained an allergy against his litter.

My foundation Abys are very very allergic to clay litter of any sort. Crystal litters - rock types cut into their paws and the ball type gets stuck in between their toes. Highly scented pine causes their nose to grow bumps.

I now use a wheat based product - similar ot swheat scoop or WBCL. No more cut paws, bumpy ears and nose!
Other info,,lhv6,00.html

Fatty acid supplements

An example of a fatty acid supplement and zinc
In this article please scroll down to
Coat and Skin Require Excellent Nutrition
Good Skin and Coat - Good Diet/ Nutrition
In this article, please, scroll down to Calcium Very important info!

scroll down to zinc
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I have a cat who has a persistant dry cracked nose and my vet thinks it's pempigus. We have started to use bag balm on her nose and it's really clearing up.
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I'll start with bag balm on the other ones, but not a lot because they are all totally normal. I won't put it on the cracked one because I really don't think it's going to help. It's his carpal pad, the long pointy one. I have a picture on my flickr....
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just wanted you to know that Stoli's vet said his pad it nothing to worry about, we got some ointment (just vitamin a and d) on her suggestion and have been putting it on. The split eventually fell off.
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