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ID my cat pretty please

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Sorry if this is the wrong forum for such a question, but I figure this is the best place to get some experts to chime in. Mods please feel free to move this to the correct spot if I posted in the wrong forum. Thanks

So my cat was born from a mother that was a stray. The people who raised the kittens have no clue about his background. Obviously a mystery. Can anyone tell me what kind of mut this is? The vet said "long hair", but that's darn vague!! lol.

It's not the cat at the top, but the black and white one with the hairy tail. His name is Keykey.



He's 16-17 lbs if that helps
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Domestic long hair, yes it's vague but that's what he is. Most cats do not have a pedigree past, they are just domestics (which is fine )
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I'd call him a semi-longhair. Technically with the fluffy tail he is a longhair cat. But some purebreds like the Turkish Angora, Balinese, etc are more of a semi-longhair - fluffy tail, a little ruff and longer coat on the belly but not really long on the rest of the body.

Kinda and inbetween fur length. He is a very striking black/white bicolor mix breed.
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I think you've got your answer but what lovely cats!
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I agree with the precedessors. A lovely longhair domestic. Or longhair moggie as some would say.

But if you want a nice label you can surely say he is of Turkish Van type, or Turkish Angora type (Im not expert on these sibling-races).

There is an white-black colour variation there I believe.
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Thanks everyone! I really appreciate it.
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Is there a breed that loves to go in the rain? I'm going towards the angora on that fact that they came from the snow. This cat crys to go out in the rain and comes back soaking wet and happy.

I have searched online for black and white cats, but all I get is tuxedo kittys

LMK if I have exhausted my search. Thanks
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I know some cats like to play in water like in a bathtub for baths, but I've NEVER heard of a cat that wanted to go play outside in the rain and get soaked. You have one very weird kitty
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Wow, hmmmm. I'm not a breeder nor a cat expert, but most cats avoid wetness like the plague! I know Turkish Vans and to some extent, Maine Coons like to play in water, but not like that!
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