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How do Cats know??

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Cats never cease to amaze me sometimes with their behavior. The night before I lost Ashley to a heart attack. One of my other cats, a Persian named Little Bit(one of the sweetest little souls you would ever meet) started sleeping with me. This was something she never did before, now that Ashley's gone, she does it all the time. It's like she could sense that something was going to happen. Afterwards, it's been like she was trying to comfort me in her own little way, and she has. She now sleeps with me every night, and she never did before that night before Ashley passed. I'm extremely close to and love all my little girls, but Little Bit has really gotten closer to me since all this.

I've always said I'd rather be with my pets than most people. Their love is unconditional.....just like God's.
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That's sweet. Pets are so non-judgmental.
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So sorry to hear of your loss, but it most certainly sounds as if you've also gained a great deal in Little Bit. I feel the same way a lot of the time.. they just 'get us' & 'get on' with it after supplying their special kind of TLC.
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My condolences on your loss.

Cats are wonderful creatures with amazing instincts.
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I don't think it's always just knowing...

It's amazing how personalities will blossom when they lose one of their buddies. I recently lost one of my furbaby's on March 20th and Napolean my other cat has been WAY more affectionate, he won't leave me alone when i am home, he sleeps on me all night. I don't really think it's so much that he is trying to make me feel better but that although he and Pause [my other baby] got along smashingly and would cuddle and play and were buddies I think having Pause around made him less likely to show affection for whatever reason.

Then again, maybe for whatever reason he knew Pause wouldn't be staying with us forever and he wanted Pause and I to spend what time we could together without stealing the attention? Either way ats are amazing and it's good to have that extra support during a tough time.
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My last cat Molly (RIP Nov 08) did something similar to me. My parents cat died suddenly (we think from a car accident) and it was a big shock and I was very upset about it, for a whole week after that, Molly was even more affectionate than normal (and boy was she an affectionate cat!) and kept crawling onto me for cuddles and rubbing her forehead against mine (which I read somewhere means "I love you" in catspeak!) When I was starting to feel a bit better, she went back to her usual self. My parents also had a dog and he did not see the cat die and he spent the whole of the following week looking for the cat and crying for the cat and then six days later he died himself, the vet said he was old but the grieving definitely added to it. Animals sense things we just don't I think
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There is no question that there is a special bond between us and our kitties and vice versa! Maia will always come running if I yell or get loud, even if it's at the tv watching the Yankees loose! If I am crying, she comes running to me. Of course I do the same with her......
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