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We've had a break through!

Our newest member of the cat family, Isis, has been with us for a little over a month now. At first her transition with us was rocky. My cats - Niko and Mischief - would constantly hiss at her. Then, slowly, Mischief began liking her and playing with her. But the best we could get out of Niko was tolerance. Sure, she would play with Isis, but it wasn't the same as she did with Mischief. It was kinda a grudging playing like she was doing it because Isis wouldn't leave her alone and she couldn't escape. And then she would only bat Isis around, she would never really play.

But I think I've captured a break through on camera!
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Wow, they are goregeous! Such a pretty picture!
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Aww! That brought a smile to my face. I think you should send it on to Anne for Caption This.

Such beautiful kitties you have, and I'm glad they are getting along.
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Oh wow, what a beautiful picture! Isis has been accepted into your fur-family.
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awwww....! thay are so cute!!
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*giggles* yea, I was really surprised when I saw them cleaning each other. Then after that Isis curled up by Niko and went to sleep and Niko let her. It was so cute.
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Awww! What beautiful cats! I love that pic!
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Awww, that is so cute!

My cat Faile sometimes licks Molly, usually after they've been wrestling. I've never seen Molly lick Faile. Faile is the dominant cat, so I wondered if it was a mothering type of thing?
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Looks like acceptance to me. Beautiful cats- is that a silver Bengal?
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Awww! So sweet.
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I love this picture, it's gorgeous, I'm so glad that they have decided to be good companions Big thumbs up!
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