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Update on "my" four Ferals

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Attachment 13603It's hard to believe that it's been a little over a month now.
All the dread is behind me. I didn't think I could do what I knew I had to do, but - with special people on this website's help - the deed is done, and now I have the experience in case I need to do it again.

I had success in getting through the process with the clinic.
I had success in getting all four the surgery they needed.

The only one I can have any contact with is the one I call "Gray". He's the one I think someone had until he was no longer a baby kitten and then released? I don't know for sure, but I'm sure he'd tell us a good story if we could communicate. He lets me brush him, he talks to me - all while the others are watching on. Maybe they'll get the idea I'm okay.

I'm posting a picture of the Feral Family we take care of.

I still don't know what kind of error I made not breaking them up and not giving the kittens away to be socialized. I actually didn't learn until I had released them that someone would have been willing to take the kittens to be socialized and adopted. I still don't think I would have done it given the circumstances at the time, or, even now.

I just didn't have the heart to take RingTail's kittens away from her - she would have grieved, I'm sure. She plays with them all the time - and - before they arrived she would just walk around looking as lonely as Gray did when he first arrived. She's still nursing them, and I guestimate that they're about 4 months now.

The only companion she had was Gray - and when he would arrive she'd run to him as though she was so excited to see and be with him.

So, they are all together for now, and I will care for them for as long as they are here.

Here's the latest photo - all of them sleeping together. They have several places on the table to sleep, but they all cuddled together in one place. I just had to share the photo.

These are taken through the window - so there is some reflection interference.

Gray (Daddy) with RingTail's (mommy) head on his tummy, then the kittens - both gray, one that has the same longer fur as his daddy, we've named Gray, Jr., and the stripped short-hair tabby, we've named (Miss) RingTail, Jr. - I know, real original, huh!
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I got a lump in my throat reading your post - what an angel you are. Don't worry about the kittens - they are obviously happy and healthy right where they are!

Thank you for caring and taking action! Isn't it great to know these kitties are well and loved?
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Thank you for your kind encouragement! :-).
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This morning when I peaked out my bedroom window to check on the status of the Ferals, I observed this awesome picture, and ran for my video camera.

What I saw was the four of them in the Preferred Bed. RingTail (mommy) was nursing Gray, Jr., and grooming him. Gray (daddy) was also grooming Gray, Jr., and a little bit of RingTail's fur, too.

Little Miss RingTail, Jr. is hardly seen - she's laying by her mommy's head (at the top of the video) - you can barely see her little ears because the one nursing is about as big as his daddy and the fur covers RingTail, Jr.

Yes, I figure the kittens are at around 4 1/2 to 5 months old, and still enjoying that good nurturing mommy's milk.

Here's the link to my photobucket video - It was probably too long to be acceptable to view at this site - I really hope you'll be able to view it - to me, this was an awesome, once in-a-lifetime, picture to be able to catch.

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