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Meet Stella!

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Yesterday my DH texted me and said that his co-worker had a kitten that was found on the street, 4 months old, female and deaf. They decided they didn't want to keep her because she was pooping in the house.

I said we would take her in - no problems as yet with the pooping. She is a little starlet Very friendly, playful and loves kids which is different from Peedoodle and Kahu!

She is tiny, and needs a little bit of fattening up but I think she will be okay.

So, I would like you to meet the new addition to the family: Stella!

There will be more pictures when I have completed my assignment
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Im sure Stella knows that she couldnt have found a better home.
She is so beautiful Kellye.

The way that she instantly accepted your family, Im sure she will do just fine with Peedoodle and Kahu, too.
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She just knew her first home wasn't the right one and that you needed another kitten. She is adorable.
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Stella is beautiful
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That first picture of Stella just screams that she's content at last
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Stella is quite a little beauty.
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Awww, she's precious, love her pink nose
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She reminds me of a baby Ophelia Rose, only nicer!
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Oh she's a doll! I just love her pink nose, I want to kiss it!
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So have you tested her and found out if she is actually deaf?
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Originally Posted by mrblanche View Post
So have you tested her and found out if she is actually deaf?
She is definitely deaf - I have one other cat that is deaf and it is easy to work out.
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Oh, what a cutie-pie!!!
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I love the big ears!!
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She is so precious! What a beautiful little girl!!
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Congratulations Kellye! She's adorable!

It's hard having to study when I all I want to do is read Handle with care!
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She is beautiful
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What a darling little girl. The second pic is my fave. She looks so content.
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