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Cleo did not win anything and that is ok.
I will try her in the Alter Class in Fresno next month.
She is very good in the benching area.
She hissed in the ring area at the other kittens after a kitten had hissed at her yesterday.
People kept asking if she was a boy or a girl.
Her bed is pink with hearts on it.
People sure had a lot of questions about sphynx.
I did like people pet her after they used sanitizer.
No one had a problem with that.
A lot of people think sphynx or easy to take care.
Goldenkittey I love the feeling of the cornish.
The 2nd best siamese and oriental in the country were there.
I did not get the guys name that has the siamese but he was nice.
He said he is going to Denver or Michigan next.
It was 38 here when we left and 80 when we came back.
I put Cleo in a bunny suit and has a blanket in her carrier so she wold not be cold.
Here is the bunny suit.

She never wears clothes inside that often anymore because it has been warm. There were so many Persians there.
I loved the Somalis and Oci's.

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Gorgeous pic of Cleo! What date is the Fresno show?
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Glad things turned out ok and you got to learn a lot. Did the judges or other breeders say she would do better in the alter classes?
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She is to old for the kitten class now.
She turned 8 months old today.
The judges liked her wrinkles.
The breeder of the black sphynx she beat for 2nd in the sphynx class once told me to show her in Fresno. She told me she will get winners ribbons. Another sphynx breeder helped me clean Cleo yesterday. There was one sphynx breeder I was told to stay away from.
She would on purpose bring her cat to the ring after almost all the other kittens were judged.
Goldenkitty she works with the breeder you wrote that time before I got Ed. She is friends with the breeder that played games with me and works with her.
I was told she does that to everyone.
It was fun showing.

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Well glad you will try her in the alter class. We bought Charlie as a pet originally and he turned out better show quality. Not outstanding but decent enough to get ACFA grand and almost CFA grand (9 pts shy). We won't put him up against Jack as I know Jack is better quality.

Some have told me to keep showing Charlie, but I'm not gonna do it. Hopefully Jack will be granded quickly. It will be a little tougher in CFA as we only have 2 shows to work with and chocolates still are prefered by the judges; even if Jack is better - we will see what happens.

This is experience for you. As you are getting a better kitten who IS show quality, you will see the differences and learn more.
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I am planning on getting a show quality kitten/cat this year.
A retired breeder is fine if it is show quality also.
It will have to be Cfa because most the shows here are Cfa.
Almost all the Tica shows are in So Cal which is to far.
There are 2 in Lodi which is about 40 minutes from here and one in Monterey that is 2.5 hours from here.
The rest are all in So Cal.
The Fresno show is one day.

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