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Fedora makes me think of the hats that were popular in the 80s.
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Originally posted by Mom of 10 Cats
Hecate is the goddess of witches and her name translates from Greek to mean "Most Lovely One"

Kali is a "Dark Goddess" indeed, but be careful who you name her for. I learned that lesson when I named a dog Loki a few years back!
rich tried to name marble loki
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Sucks the pretty name has to be for a bad goddess

shaylee means fairy princess of the field
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Loki was an ex-BF's dog that ate everything. And I mean everything! She was jealous of me and peed on everything of mine. She ate a hole in my new winter coat. She ate a packet of gold embossing powder and pooped solid gold. She lived up to her namesake!
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Sue, is that kinda like the goose that layed the golden egg? The dog that had the golden poo?

Sorry, couldn't resist that one!
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I'll have to tell my hubby that story! A doggie pooing gold
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My son had a dog who ate crayons! Pooped color poop all the time!
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Val, Check out this link. It's baby names of Goddess'.
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cool like! Hmmm lots of names to look at!

I like luna
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LOL, yes, I referred to her after that as "The Dog that Did the Golden Poop". In fact, when it happened, I said, "QUICK!!! Let's feed her more and SELL HER! Think of the money we'll get for her!"
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How about Selene-Goddess of the Moon?
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Agatha?? Here is a place I found lots of kitty names...Agatha seems kinda witchy sounding heh?
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Jewel, Izzy, Xena?
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How about Hermione from Harry Potter?? She was a witch...I really like that!!
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The Spanish word for witch is Bruja (broo-ha)

What about Mayfair, like the books by Anne Rice?

Or you could call her Willow, if you're a fan of the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
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I like Willow also!!
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They black cat from Hocus Pocus was named Binx. Within the weather theme there's always Tempest, Cloudy, Squawl....And other synonyms for storm....
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I had to read through the whole post to see if it was mentioned, but I have to go with Brenda and Kathy... I'd name her Willow. (Another Buffy fan! ) If I couldn't use Willow, I'd pick Hermoine as I like the Harry Potter series as well. And the little girl who plays her, forgive me I don't feel like looking it up, is adorable.
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Binks (though it might sound kinda boyish) is the name of the black cat in the movie "Hocus Pocus" with Sarah Jessica Parker and Bette Midler (I thought that movie was too cute ).

Going with Viva's idea

Bewitch is "Embrujar" in Spanish. I believe pronounced "M - bru - har". Emmy could be a nickname?

Bewitch is "Taikoa" in Finnish.

Bewitch is any of these in French "ensorceler, ensorcelez, ensorcelent, ensorcelons"

Witch is "Stregare" in Italian

Bewitching is "Adeyaka" in Japanese.

Witch is "Lamia" in Latin.

Witch is "Bruxa" in Portugese

That is a few translations that I was able to find. Out of the translations I think I like "Embrujar/Emmy, Taikoa, and Bruxa" the best.. although I think they are all very unique. Good luck naming her Val, she is beautiful.
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This is so hard! I'm going to have to sit down with her and say a bunch of names I had the same problem with Neo and Morpheus because they were my first two kitties hmm wonder if the matrix has any new people in it with cool names!
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If you're going with the Matrix theme, what about Trinity?
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I vote for Salem! I think it sounds pretty COOL for a little girl kitty name.

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Sorceress? Sootycat, Tarbaby, Charcoal, Panther, Magic, Cleopatra, Jezzabell, Jasinda, Cinderella, Lady McBeth, Galadriel, Bastina, I'll think of more later.
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I like Lamia, which is witch in Latin!
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How about Shadow?
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ohhhhhhhh Lamia! we could call her mia for short. Have to run that by dh and the kitty!
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Originally posted by adymarie
I like Lamia, which is witch in Latin!
now that i think of it...didn't you name nimbus you are the cat naming queen!!! I really really love Lamia!
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Originally posted by Cassandra_Starr

Witch is "Lamia" in Latin.
I think this is going to be her name! Got just see what dh thinks!
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Lamia is a sweet name!
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Here's the Oxford definition:

"a fabulous monster supposed to have the body of a woman, and to prey upon human beings and suck the blood of children. Also, a witch, she-demon"

It also reminds me of the wonderful ground cover I use in my front garden, called lamium, but I pluralize it (probably incorrectly) as Lamia. Its very pretty with a green and silver leaf, and a pretty delicate little purple flower.
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