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It's a GIRL!!! (my new black kitty) I need a name!

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You guys really helped me with snowwhites kittens! So lets try this again!

She is all black with gold eyes. I would really like a "witchy" sounding name. I remember there was a name in that disney halloween town movie I really loved but i can't think of it!
what was the name of the witch in snowwhite? (since i have a snowwhite )

alright guys THINK THINK THINK! I need a good one!
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It was Malificent (sp) I think. Do you have a photo for us??
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Val, Congrats!!! You must be thrilled!

...I know exactly what movie you're talking about, and I'm sorry ... I can't think of the title either!
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There is always Salem.

I was always a fan of the name Mystic.
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here she is! I'm going to go get some better pics! don't mind the mess ashton did that and i didn't have a chance to clean in up last night!

yep laurie i am bouncing off the walls!! I have wanted a black cat since i was a baby but all my kitties have found me i'm so happy a black kitty finally found me!
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Here's a few black cat names...
:witch: Broomhilda
:witch: Halloween
:witch: Midnight
:witch: Morticia
:witch: Raven
:witch: Spook or Spooky
:witch: Wicca
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Here is an interesting link about "witchy" stuff. link
And here is a freaky link of basically the names of everyone who was ever burned or killed because they were a "witch" link
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Ooo..I like Wicca! Sounds kinda spooky!
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Actually, Maleficent was the witch in Sleeping Beauty....still a pretty cool witch though! I just did a search, and it looks like the witch in Snow White was just known as the "Evil Queen".

My first thought was Tabitha, Sam's daughter in Bewitched (a stretch to real witches, to be sure, but that was my first thought!).
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You could stick with the cloud / weather theme and name her Stormy.

I like Raven as well.
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i have a stormy

the cats I have in no order are (well kinda in an order )

MoeMoe (morphues)
Laurie & Leo (they are both MIA)
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Hmmm, how about Bridget? Bridget Bishop was the first woman executed as a witch in the salem witch trials. Or maybe Salem is a good name? It's the name of the black cat on Sabrina the Teenage Witch!
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I think midnight is a cool name
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I like Raven!
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What about Piper or Phoebe from the show Charmed?

I'm still searching for more...Black cat names are hard to find!
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Midnight says "Midnight is an awesome name"!

Traditional witch cat names:

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i like the tradtional names, i'm looking for something like that!! we are getting warmer! I just need the purrrrrrrfect for my witchy cat!

Pheobe is my cars name it is a vw beetle (2000) I spell is pheebee thouse since "she" is a buggie

samantha is my dh's car's name
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I found the name I found the name!!! it was kalbar but that was for a boy black kitty SIGHHHHHHHHHH does kalabar sound like a girl name? or two boyish? it's said more like Cal-a-bar
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Kalbar sounds like a protein bar that you buy at the gym

What does it mean?
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How about Hecate? Circe? Morgana?
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I know it's not witchy, but people thought witches could do this in the past. How about: Eclipse?
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i don't know, but it was in the movie halloweentown 2 "kalabar's revenge" I just always liked the name it does sound like a power bar thing!
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Hini means goddess of fishing but i just can't call a kitty hini!
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Kali means dark goddess....hmmmmm
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How about Salem? Or does that sound too boyish??
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salem is kinda boyish. all the good black kitty names are for boys!
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fedora means devine gift....this is so hard!!
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Hecate is the goddess of witches and her name translates from Greek to mean "Most Lovely One"

Kali is a "Dark Goddess" indeed, but be careful who you name her for. I learned that lesson when I named a dog Loki a few years back!
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Oh, I wouldn't name her Kali. Kali is a very evil goddess, eats children and stuff like that. She was the one who required blood sacrifices. She is very powerful, but is more like Set to Osiris - the evil that balances the good.

I really like Morgana, from the Arthurian Tales. How about Persephone, Athena, Bastet (duh!), Circe?
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I'm so glad you got your kitty! You must be so excited! How about the word "black" or "witch", but in a different language? That might be neat.
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