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hello,my name is lori and i live in MINOT,NORTH DAKOTA.I'm very interested in breeding bombay cats.We don't have cat shows here(sad,huh???) so i have no idea just where,or how to start.Iv'e tryed several times to but a cat with papers but they can't ship here.I would like to find a bombay breeder and see if i can get a kitten from somewhere,any ideas would help me alot.lori
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I"m next door to you - in Minnesota. There are not a lot of Bombay breeders in the USA. Some Burmese breeders also breed Bombays so you could try them.

There is a show in Fargo (they just postponed it cause of the floods) - its ACFA. I will agree there are not a lot of shows in our area, unless you are willing to drive 4-8 hrs for a show. Especially CFA shows (we only have 2 in the area and both are in Minneapolis.

The problem with breeding Bombays is you will have trouble showing them and finding potential owners. Its best to start with a show quality altered cat before you do any breeding. And because of where you live, it will be expensive to start - either with a show alter or breeding cats. If you just want a pet instead of showing/breeding, then it would be fairly easy to contact breeders and have them ship to you.

Here's a list of Bombay/Burmese breeders to contact. But think very long and hard about breeding/showing. Its best to be showing before you even think of breeding.
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I am just northwest of Minot, about 6 hrs from there. We have no shows that come to Saskatchewan, the closest is in Alberta and the shortest drive is 5 hours to Edmonton. That's where we are going next weekend as spectators and then we'll show our sphynx in July there.
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Originally Posted by lorimay1 View Post
Iv'e tryed several times to but a cat with papers buy they can't ship here.
Really? Sounds peculiar. Probably they dont want to sell to you. Many breeders dont rely on beginners. So it is my theory why they dont want to send.
Otherwise you could fetch yourself. Many do. It is also a way to show you ARE seriously interested, although beginner.
Learn also who is a good vet in your area. Mention this to the seller... So you show you are working on it. Etc.
You get the picture, right?

Another way is as GoldenKitty suggests: begin with an altered cat. Attend shows and meetings, lectures for the race and pedigree cat owners.
In this way you met a lot of people in these circles. You prove you are interested and eager to be a serióus breeder. Learn a lot. And so on...
Good if you can have a friendly breeder as mentor. Preferably she who sells the kitten to you, or another good bombay breeder, but really almost any knowleable breeder is useful here.
You can also try up along the chain: ie grandmother, father, grandfather... They will only be happy to hear about their "descendants", and someone will surely also be happy to help you with advices.

This altered cat should preferably be of show-quality, but it is not absolutely necessary. You CAN participate in show also with a second grade cat. Or even a domestic in the domestic class...
Although it is not so fun knowing you dont have any chance for titles. And you must of course explain to all breeders around you are in mostly to learn... So much simpler to get an show quality cat yes. Perhaps an ex stud or ex-queen.
However, it is important this cat is cat-sociale. As he will be company to the female cats you WILL breed on. And also her kittens.

Such one altered, friendly cat is very useful for a small scale breeder, working as company of the mom, and also as a friendly uncle to the kittens.
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In today's show circuit, you had BETTER have a show quality alter if you are gonna show in the pedigree alter class. Anything less then top quality, you won't get a darn thing and most judges would probably suggest you transfer your cat into the household pet class.

If I'm showing in alter classes, my cats ARE show quality - they are not pet quality! Many judges do even mentioned that the alter classes are better then the breeding adult classes

I did forget to mention to the original poster the fact that you need more then one breeding female for your breeding male. If you are isolated, you need to have your own breeding cats. That is one reason I will not go into breeding Ocicats - I can't afford to keep several breeding females and a breeding male and having to breed them more then I'd like. Oci's will develop pyometra if not bred often.
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Goldenkitty45, when you say that judges will suggest you go to the household that just being hard or are you serious? I am just quaking in my shoes about Zee. He is benching with his breeder, she wants to show him. I dont I am worried all over again.

Sorry for the hijack!!!!
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While it doesn't happen all the time, I know that some judges have talked to the owner to let them know the quality is NOT a show quality, that the cat is more of a pet quality and would do better in the household pet classes. I know this, as I've clerked before, so you do hear comments. Its not announced for the audience to hear

Then again, I've seen once or twice where a person has a very nice quality HHP that can be registed and shown against others in the alter classes. So it works both ways.

CFA usually doesn't like to see purebred cats in the HHP's - they tend to pick out and award the mixed breeds. ACFA and TICA - you will see a lot of more "purebred" types in the household pets. My personal opinion is that the HHP's should stay more with the common mixed breed, rather then put pet quality purebreds in there. I'm not the only one to think that either.
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