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Chewing Cat!

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My Oscar will chew on anything. He has chewed the strings off a couple of pajama pants and hooded sweatshirts. He chews on boxes and hair brushes. I even saw him try to chew the flusher knob on the toilet once (yes, it is metal). He also always chews on a metal lamp I have. You would think he's a puppy. He is about a year and a month old. Oh yeah, the other thing he chews on is the blinds in my bedroom window. He has chewed him and his sister Lucy a lookout so that they can lay on the bed and see what is happening outside (see picture below). There are even more slats chewed off now. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can fix this behavior? Now, Lucy does not have this problem. However. . .she does chew on my toothbrush frequently. HELP!
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Have you tried bitter apple spray? You can get it at petshops.
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No, I haven't. I definitely will though! Thanks!
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Umm...about your toothbrush. Maybe put it in a travel toothbrush holder or perhaps in the bathroom cabinet in your toothbrush holder.

And about the chewing...well...Esper has a mild chewing habit. So far, I've bought small chew toys from the vet after asking whether they'd be okay since they are designed for dogs and not cats. She loves them and I do my best fishing them out from hiding places and give them a good clean daily. I've had to remove any soft cat toys that my cats played with. I did get a few dirty looks from my other cat Russell as soon as he worked out that I was putting them in the cupboard that's full of 'toys that cats can't play with'.

It has helped a little though accasionally she will chew on the cord for the vertical blind but I've found that a little tobasco helps. She doesn't like the smell and complained when she tasted it. Luckily I had kitten milk on stand by to calm things down. She now sniffs before chewing.
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Is he chewing? Or chewing and eating? If he is eating these objects a vet visit is in order and some bloodwork should be run to determine if there is a defieciency in his diet. Not that you are in error, but just that some cat foods are not all they are cracked up to be.
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