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Black coat going silver?

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One of Tessa's kittens was born black with just a tiny bit of white on his chest. He is a week old and i've noticed that his legs are now a dark silver color. His tail looks silvery as well. Has anyone seen this before?
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Sometimes coats change color as the kitten gets older. Dark kittens can lighten to show tabby markings. Some times tabby markings darken over time. White kittens can develope colored 'points'. Do you have a picture of the kitten we could see? The breeders on this site could explain it further and better than I.
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He may not be black but blue which may account for the color change. Pictures would be good
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Possible black smoke????
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Ok here is the best picture I was able to get. It still doesn't show the silver very well but you can kinda see it.
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Check the fur on the head and back and neck and see if you see any whitish/silver looking fur at the base.
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Could this be fever coat?
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thats what I was thinking. Fever coat is a whitish overlay that kittens get and it can take up to 2 years to lose it. Kittens are solid black underneath. One of my boys has fever coat now at 8 months. He started getting fever coat around 8 weeks. What color are the kittens parents? If neither is silver or smoke, its not possible to be smoke or silver as one parent must be silver or smoke to get a silver or smoke kitten.
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