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Soon to be multi-cat household

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Currently I have but one cat-a six week old male-but come the fall I will be getting a Ragdoll. Both cats will be neutered but my concern is what is the best way to introduce them, to handle the litterbox arrangements, feeding times, etc. Any advice from you multi-catters out there is appreciated.
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Hi Mark-

I work with ferals and strays and do introductions all the time. Here is an article I wrote about it. But your Ragdoll would hardly qualify for the type of temperment I deal with. Still perhaps you can use some of the ideas for your home.

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Hi Mark!

So happy you are getting another furbaby!!

One important thing i learned about bringing any new kitty home is this: keep the new furbaby separated from other kitties in the beginning.

i recently adopted my third furbaby, Isys, and she is has been separated from her sisters for about a week now. i let her roam around the house when Daisy and Venus are sleeping.

i think the ratio of litter box is 1 kitty: 1 litter box. i scoop out their undesirables about 2-3 times a day, or whenever necessary. i noticed you recently acquired theworld'sbestcatlitter - great stuff huh? i love it!! It makes scooping their undesirables a pleasant experience. Teehee!!

i feed them twice a day, changing all the bowls, placemats, food and water. Daisy and Venus are using a Petmate Freshflow -- i only clean that about once every 3-4 days. i think it is better to use distilled water, so that they will not consume any chlorine (from tap water).

i am a big fan of interactive toys, a tree and a window view for kitties. It helps to keep the furry ones alert.

Again, congrats on your new addition, Mark!

Smiles and Cheers!
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See my post at "Hyperactive Kitten'.
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