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HELP RE: Cat in Heat?

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My husband and I rescued a cat that is almost a year old. She had never been to the vet (not spayed). We made an appointment to have her spayed/shots but she went into heat before her appointment date. For the past week she has been meowing and howling and pacing - mostly at night. However, starting today she was begun to sink low to the ground while walking. She can walk normally but she is mostly pressing herself low to the grow and just kind of laying there. Is this normal, am I right to assume that she is just in heat or is this a sign of a serious problem. I have never had a cat go into heat before. Our appt with the vet is Wednesday, is there anything we can do in the meantime to help her?
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Ooh, yes, sounds like she's in heat. She'll be okay. Just don't accidentally let her out!
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Thanks, when she started crawling low to the ground I got nervous. Will this be done in time for her to get spayed? it has been one week.
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Go there, someone started a thread about this a while back.
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My advice:

1) Keep 2 doors between her & the outdoors at all times. She will try to escape.
2) Call ahead to the vet to find out if they'll spay her if she is in heat, talk to them about it.
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Typical "in heat" behavior. Just confine her to a room where she cannot get outside or around any unneutered male. Vets can spay when in heat, but it will cost you extra. Its hard to time when she will be out of heat cause once they start they can cycle in short amounts of times.
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Yup, that's a pretty good sign she's in heat. She's waiting for a male to mount her, that's why she crouches low to the ground. Most vets will spay a cat in heat, and some don't charge extra (mine doesn't). The reason is that, unlike dogs, cats are never really out of heat once they hit sexual maturity. They just cycle in and out all the time. So it's necessary in most cases to spay while she's in heat.
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