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Flowers babies 3 weeks enjoy

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Thistle and Blossom
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This most definitely should have come with a cuteness warning!!!!
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omg they're SOOOO CUUUUUUUTE! I <3 Blossom
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They are so big. Look at those sweeties
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Ohhhhhh, I want Thorn! Your babies are so cute!
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OH they are just little dolls!! You must be so proud of Flower for doing such an amazing job.

It's almost your turn with litter training It goes much easier than you think Both of my litters were trained by 4 weeks, never found a tootsie roll anywhere LOL

I bet they are just becoming so playful and cute now!!!
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I can not even walk into my bedroom with out one seeing me and wanting out to play...They are still confined to a enclosed area but have alot of supervised out time.
I am going shopping tomorrow to petcetera and petsmart what litter do you recommend for them?
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They are so cute!!and they look BIG!!they look as big as my current kittens and they are 7 weeks old!!lol
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Awww...they're so cute!
I love Sage.
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A friend used Kitten Attract for her kittens - she said the five kittens started using it immediately and never had a mistake.
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I also used Kitten Attract for both my litters. It works so good, it is perfect. I will continue to use it with future litters as well. There have been no accidents when training. Go in once, and then it's a forever thing. I just used like a cardboard box that pop/soda/canned food flats come in...they have very low sides and large enough they can all fit in at once...yes, all 8 of them in the first litter this summer did that....I just laughed.

here is a pic of the box I used with my last litter...just an FYI

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They are adorable. Love the flower names.
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Such adorable little babies! Makes me miss having kittens around.
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OMG, they're sooo cute!they've grown so much- it seems like just yesterday you were wondering when Flower would have them!
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It's been way too long since I have been on here! I have been taking classes and have missed out on the kitten talk and cuteness!!!
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It is soon time for the 4 week old pictures
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Yaaaay! Have they started walking around yet?
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I have 1 already climbing out of the box,they are trying to run around it is funny watching them tumble.
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Well it is official we are keeping 2 kittens
-Rose and 1 of the boys(either Sage or Thistle)
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Aww, thats so cute! They're just getting to the fun age now!
Some of my guys were even daring enough to start a fight with Momma! But they just got pinned down, and got a good cleaning by her!
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