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Please tell me is this is a myth

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Is it true that if you have mice and you get a cat the mice leave . My bf thinks it is a myth . please help me he thinks im crazy cause i believe that thanks

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No clue - but if it helps me get more kitties then I am all for swearing by it!
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It is a myth. But, if the cat is a good mouser, the cat will kill the mice that come into the house. When we lived in the woods, we would often have field mice in the house despite having 4 cats. Luckily, our cats didn't eat the mice because mice will give them worms and can harbor diseases that can cause serious problems for the cat.
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And if the cat isn't a good mouser the mice will laugh at it all day and all night long. Seriously--some cats are good at mousing and others are not. My little orange tiger cat, Penny, was a wonderful mouser but only had one chance in her life to prove it. Toes sucks at it--we had mice in Chicago and he'd just watch them.
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One of the reasons we got cats was because our buliding was mouse infested. Sam caught three during the first week he lived here. We have not seen one since then. And there were definitely more than three in the house - I have picked up more than that from traps.

So, myth or not, we used to have a huge huge mouse problem, and we don't any more.

It probably depends on where the mice are coming from - if you are in a rural area with lots of field mice, I bet its different than in an urban area.
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i don't know. we first started working on our house there were mice in the basement but once moe and neo start leaving there...no more mice. and they were not allound in the basement! Moe and neo started leaving at the house a few weeks before we did. We were there everyday just not sleeping there.
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Typically females are better mousers than males, though I have one male that out hunts all my females any day of the week. Also a starving cat cannot hunt mice, they need the energy they get from food to get prey.
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true. Whenever we have had cats we NEVER had mice in the house. The one period in my life when I didn't have a cat or cats, we got mice in our bedrooms even. Of course it didn't help that my deranged SIL actually FED them in her room when she lived with us for a time.
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Just a theory from someone who has no expertise in this area, but hear me out. I think it could be that it depends on the history of the mice where you live. If they or their ancestors never chased by a cat, they would have no reason to leave. BUT if somehow a mouse teaches her offspring that cat=bad, then they might leave just because of the smell of the cat in the house.
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