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Rescue center in my own back yard

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Well, almost. I am so excited. I was out a little while ago and saw a sign that said Future Site of Farmers Branch Animal Center. Farmers Branch is a very small suburb of Dallas and surrounded by much, much bigger cities. I never expected it to get its own animal center. It will be precisely .9 miles from my front door. I hope that all goes well and that I will be able to volunteer my services for such a worthy cause.
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that it does, Lee.
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WOW, wouldn't that be neat!! Hope things fall into place, Lee.
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Is an Animal Center similar to a shelter? I've not heard it called that before.
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Yeah, that's a weird name. If I saw a sign that said "animal center" I'd think of a agricultural business. If it is a rescue agency, that's really cool! I'd love to have a good shelter near my home.
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It's the new 'state-of-the-art' adoption center for Farmers Branch. (I cheated and googled it.) Sounds much nicer than 'city dog pound'. The grand opening is May 7th.

Sounds like it might be a great place to volunteer.
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Originally Posted by Momofmany View Post
Is an Animal Center similar to a shelter? I've not heard it called that before.
Well, blame it on the sign maker. They left out the word control as in Animal Control Center which is what they are called around here. It is going to be a rescue center but they are not called that here.

Since I first posted this I have been wondering about something. I have no idea whether this is going to be a no kill center. I know the center and the animals could use my help even more if it was not a no kill but I really do have my reservations about working in a center that was not a no kill. I could not face the animals knowing what their fate might be.
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Originally Posted by Persi & Alley View Post
. I could not face the animals knowing what their fate might be.
Don't sell yourself short - you might find inner strength that you don't even realize that you have
I try to visit shelters whenever I travel - some have been "high kill" and I cry when I leave, esp. when the kitties want so badly for me to rescue them, but I know that I have given them a moment of love and comfort and I pray for them, once I know their name or number. And sometimes, they do get adopted
I've met a couple of ladies who visit the kids in the CPS facilities and it's hard on them, too, to leave those sad, crisis children behind when they leave.
It takes a special kind of heart, to give time and love, in those situations, and bless you for having one
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Lee, I go down to our shelter every week, and it's not a no-kill. Yes, some get put to sleep. Most of that takes place in the back, where they do the triage. There are many animals that are too wild, too mean, too sick, too badly injured for the scope of what the shelter can deal with, and they get put down. ALL the pit bulls are, if their owners don't claim them, because the city can't afford the liability insurance adopting them out would require. But we do manage to get many animals adopted, and we don't have a set time policy. Once the cats are out front, available for adoption, they are very unlikely to be put to sleep, and those are the ones I deal with.

Of course, I DO get my heart broken every week! But I have a lot of furry friends. I've seen some go from what looked like hopeless cases (broken pelvis, severe abcesses, etc.) to loving, and eventually adopted, pets.
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Wow, that is great news Lee!
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That's wonderful, Lee -- probably -- and if it isn't a no-kill, maybe you can help them figure out how to make it so. Either way, you and the kitties will be so good for each other!
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